Well-Known Restaurant in Leh-Ladakh

Leh is a tourist place located in Jammu and Kashmir. It’s of the tourist attraction. The season starts from April till October. The visitors off course want to know that where they can get good food in leh. Leh is now known for its Buddhist sites and nearby trekking areas. Massive 17th-century Leh Palace, modeled on the Dalai Lama’s former home (Tibet’s Potala Palace), overlooks the old town’s bazaar and maze like lanes.

What makes you choose a GOOD restaurant? I think THE FOOD, right? But what about the ambiance. The place where we want to eat should be neat and clean, full of hygiene and off course the price. Particularly in the current climate, restaurants have to make us want to go there, whether for a quick lunch, dinner with friends or a special occasion meal. A good restaurant sets a high standard for its food quality and ensures that guests receive the same quality with every meal. 

So here are the lists of the Reputed Restaurants in leh where you can relish the good food with good ambiance.

1. The Tibetan Kitchen 

Cuisine: Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Location: Fort Road | Near Hotel Ladakh Villa, behind Tibetan handicrafts market., Leh 194101, India

2. Chopsticks Noodle Bar

Cuisine:  Chinese, Indian, Asian, Indonesian, Tibetan, Thai, Fusion, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal, Gluten Free Options

Location: Fort Road | Fort Road, Leh, Leh 194101, India

3. Gesmo Restaurant

Cuisine: Italian, Indian, Pizza, Fast food, Asian, Tibetan, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Location:  Fort Road, Leh, India

4. Bon Appetit

Cuisine: Indian, Pizza, International, European, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Location : Chang Spa Road | Opposite Moravian Mission School, Leh 194101, India

5. Wonderland

Cuisine:  Indian, International, Tibetan, Chinese, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly

Location: Changspa Road, Leh, India

6. World Garden Café

Cuisine:  Pizza, Cafe, European, Central European, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Location: Changspa road, Leh, India

7. Neha Snacks

Cuisine : Indian, Fast food, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Location: Main Bazaar, Leh 194101, India

8. Yama Coffee House

Cuisine:  Indian, European, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Location: Chanspa Road, Leh 194101, India

9. Summer Harvest

Cuisine:  Chinese, Indian, Asian, Tibetan, Vegetarian Friendly

Location: Fort Rd Leh, Leh, India

10. Lamayuru Restaurant

Cuisine: Indian, Asian, Tibetan, International, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Location: Fort Road, Near Hotel Yaktail | Near Hotel Yaktail, Leh 194101, India

There are so many others where good food is available but in my personal views these are the best ones which I tried personally.

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Witty Road signs you will see in laddakh

Ladakh is a region in northern India.  It is part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located between the Kunlun mountain range in the north and the main Himalayas to the south. Ladakh is well-known for its remote mountain scenery.  Ladakh is an ancient kingdom in north-west India, bordering Pakistan and the Tibet Autonomous Region. Ladakh is where the cerulean skies are decorated with tufts of clouds and jagged mountains converse with the azure lakes below. 

 Ladakh is a dream adventure and a beautiful paradise. The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) started Project Himank in August 1985 with the mandate to contruct, repair and maintain some of the highest motorable roads in India across the Khardung La, Tanglang La and Chang La passes, the thing that people will remember them for are their brilliant road signs in Ladakh, from ones that will make you laugh with their double meanings, Project Himank have put up some really funny and occasionally, really deep road signs. 

Look at them.

Lose Weight This Christmas

How To Lose Weight This Christmas by Eating at a Restaurant

For the most of us, occasional eating out at a restaurant is quite common. However, it is also a common fact that restaurant food is especially high in calories. So, losing weight by getting unnecessary calories out of your restaurant food is quite a challenge.

 Most people think that Christmas is probably the worst time of the year for those of us who want to lose some weight. This actually is not that far from the truth considering that most people also can't resist the food shopping frenzy which overcomes the nation each year during the holiday season. On top of that, most mums and wife’s cook large amounts of food days before Christmas, in order to get the Christmas table ready for friends and family. This high calorie environment however, CAN be bypassed by dinning in restaurants during the holidays. This way you don't have to cook at home or wash the dishes AND you can lose weight.

However, you have to follow several guidelines:

1. Avoid empty calories
When waiting for an order in a restaurant, inform the waiter that you do not want a bread basket and chips. Do not make exceptions to this rule.

2. Order water Learn to see water as a drink choice.
 If it tastes too "neutral" for your taste, you can always squeeze some lemon in it. The waiter will probably offer a tea or a coke, but this is just to get the bill higher, so ask for water instead. Sodas, sweetened teas and juices all add a lot of calories and sugar which you want to avoid.

3. Order an appetizer as your entree
If you see an entree that you like, order the appetizer version. Appetizer portions are quite sensible and can satisfy your needs just the same as larger portions. This way you can save hundreds of calories.

4. If Entree, make it a salad
When ordering an entree instead of an appetizer, always order a salad with the dressing on the side. This of course excludes a Ceasar salad, because it can contain up to 800 calories. Use your spoon to drizzle the dressing on the salad (no more than two spoonful’s).

5. Manage yourself and practice portion control
More often than not, portions in restaurants are oversized. Despite this, a lot of people clean up the plate without realizing that their portion could easily feed two people. A good way to come around this is to ask for an additional plate and to make two portions out of one.

 This way you will be feeding more people, taking in fewer calories and saving your money. When dining, try to satisfy only 80% of your appetite. You will feel full after 20 minutes anyway, but you'll be taking in fewer calories and you will not feel heavy and tired after dinner.

Your body's desire for food is actually falling behind your actual calorie intake. Also, have small sips of water between every few bites and occasionally make a short break for about minute of two. This time is often enough for your metabolism to catch up with your real food intake.

Author Bio: Blogger who talks about how to lose weight and restaurants for The Keys

Remove fluids from Lungs

Remove Fluid from Lungs: Removing fluids from the lungs is a procedure that removes fluid from a pleural space between the lungs and wall chest and is also known as Thoracentesis. The condition itself is known as pulmonary edema. Our lungs are the largest organ in our body and are vital as its proper functioning is what keeps us alive. It has the function of taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. There are many ways fluid can develop in the lungs.

 Heart failure is one these ways. When the heart fails, pressure builds up in the veins and they begin to leak. This disrupts your breathing and causes shortness of breath. Some ways to detect that you are having this problem is: shortness of breath, coughing, sudden respiratory distress when lying down, pale skin and also anxiety. Treatments Patients can be given high dosages of oxygen so that they can breathe easier. This is done using an oxygen mask.

 Severe cases are required to wear breathing machine and this could be over a long period of time. Others are given drugs like diuretics. This drug is also known as the water pills. It helps to remove fluid in the lungs through urination.  

Another way that it can be treated is Thoracentesis. For this procedure you don't need to go to the hospital as it can be done in the doctor's office. You are asked to remove all clothing and given a paper covering. You will be seated and asked to lean forward on a table. A needle is inserted in the space filled with fluid while it collects in a bag or syringe.

 Intravenous Nitrates are other treatments that are given to the patients. These help with improving cardiac function for the patient. Morphine and Nitro-glycerine can also be given as treatments. They help to remove anxiety, improve blood circulation and the excretion of waste fluids. A chest tube may also be inserted and between the chest walls. A plastic tube may also placed in your chest between two ribs. A box is then connected to the tube and it sucks the fluid out. A x-ray may be taken after to make sure that the procedure was successful.

 Tips and Warnings: If this condition isn't treated it can become life threatening. Make sure to tell your doctor if you are on medication, allergic to any medicine like anaesthetics or if you are pregnant as this can cause complication to the procedure.
 Depending on what may have caused this condition in the first place that may also need to be treated so that it doesn't occur again. 
 Maintain a healthy diet and that means no smoking, less alcohol consumption and less salt in foods. Also make it a regular habit to exercise.
 During the Thoracentesis it is important that the patient holds their breath while the needle is being inserted so as not to pierce the lungs.

Green Coffee: Weight-Loss Hope or Hype?

Wouldn’t it be great to lose weight simply by popping a pill? No dieting deprivation, no arduous exercise, just a few affordable pills a day, gulp, and you’re a super model or at least as thin as one. Sound too good to be true?

 It well may be. TV’s Dr. Oz (The Wizard of health TV ) seems to think green coffee is the real deal and has said so on his national TV show.According to an article on “green coffee beans comes with an (unofficial) endorsement from celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz who says it's true: green coffee bean extract can help people lose weight.”

 The September 11th article continues, “Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not been roasted. When coffee beans are roasted, the plant compound, chlorogenic acid, is broken down. It’s thought that the chlorogenic acid has an affect on limiting glucose absorption, which in turn helps reduce weight.” The article continues, “Oz didn't single out any one product to recommend because he says he doesn't want his name associated with any particular brand, but noted that people should look for green coffee beans extract with at least 45 percent chlorogenic acid. When looking at the ingredients, chlorogenic acid can be listed as GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol.”

  Do You Doubt the All-Powerful Oz? But all may not be well in the kingdom of the svelte. According to “I just came across a post on Green Coffee Extract. I tried to look up some research on it, but most of what I found had a link to the product. According to a Dr Oz clipping it's supposed to help you lose weight and all sorts of other stuff. Warning bells were ringing in my head the whole time I was listening as it sounded too good to be true.” Does 16 People Make for a Reliable Study? Do we Care? The research study took place in Bangalore, India, Not only only did it number a mere 16 participants, it was funded by one of the supplement manufacturers (RED FLAG) that hopes to make some serious dough off the discovery. 

“The study claims that there was no difference in calorie type or intake, yet the participants lost an average of 17 pounds in 22 weeks.” While an appetite suppressant would certainly aid in weight loss that’s not the case here. The participants didn’t change or adjust their diets in the slightest or increase their exercise regimes if they had them. Did the supplement magically increase their metabolisms and therefore the rate at which they burned calories? No matter because they ate the same amount of food as always. Maybe it’s just plain magic. That would play well on a TV show hosted by a guy named Oz. The author of the study theorizes that “a chemical in the unroasted bean called chlorogenic acid could be responsible. Other experts suspect the stimulant properties of caffeine could be the culprit.” 

The participants on the Dr. Oz show (who both lost weight taking the supplement) said that they felt fuller. Were they eating less? Their experience seems to contradict what the research paper indicated. There are still too many unanswered questions to start riding through the street proclaimed that green coffee will slim our overweight nation. Hopefully, a study with a larger group of participants for a longer period with another group of researchers will do a study that is scientifically sound. Until then, I would follow the advice of the Amazon.com reviewer of Green Coffee Extract: “Don't waste your money. It is all in your head. None of theses things really work.” Bet that guy was naturally thin.