Lose Weight This Christmas

How To Lose Weight This Christmas by Eating at a Restaurant

For the most of us, occasional eating out at a restaurant is quite common. However, it is also a common fact that restaurant food is especially high in calories. So, losing weight by getting unnecessary calories out of your restaurant food is quite a challenge.

 Most people think that Christmas is probably the worst time of the year for those of us who want to lose some weight. This actually is not that far from the truth considering that most people also can't resist the food shopping frenzy which overcomes the nation each year during the holiday season. On top of that, most mums and wife’s cook large amounts of food days before Christmas, in order to get the Christmas table ready for friends and family. This high calorie environment however, CAN be bypassed by dinning in restaurants during the holidays. This way you don't have to cook at home or wash the dishes AND you can lose weight.

However, you have to follow several guidelines:

1. Avoid empty calories
When waiting for an order in a restaurant, inform the waiter that you do not want a bread basket and chips. Do not make exceptions to this rule.

2. Order water Learn to see water as a drink choice.
 If it tastes too "neutral" for your taste, you can always squeeze some lemon in it. The waiter will probably offer a tea or a coke, but this is just to get the bill higher, so ask for water instead. Sodas, sweetened teas and juices all add a lot of calories and sugar which you want to avoid.

3. Order an appetizer as your entree
If you see an entree that you like, order the appetizer version. Appetizer portions are quite sensible and can satisfy your needs just the same as larger portions. This way you can save hundreds of calories.

4. If Entree, make it a salad
When ordering an entree instead of an appetizer, always order a salad with the dressing on the side. This of course excludes a Ceasar salad, because it can contain up to 800 calories. Use your spoon to drizzle the dressing on the salad (no more than two spoonful’s).

5. Manage yourself and practice portion control
More often than not, portions in restaurants are oversized. Despite this, a lot of people clean up the plate without realizing that their portion could easily feed two people. A good way to come around this is to ask for an additional plate and to make two portions out of one.

 This way you will be feeding more people, taking in fewer calories and saving your money. When dining, try to satisfy only 80% of your appetite. You will feel full after 20 minutes anyway, but you'll be taking in fewer calories and you will not feel heavy and tired after dinner.

Your body's desire for food is actually falling behind your actual calorie intake. Also, have small sips of water between every few bites and occasionally make a short break for about minute of two. This time is often enough for your metabolism to catch up with your real food intake.

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