Dark Circles

Dark circles are one of the biggest problem area when we talk about beauty and skin issues. It is difficult to get rid of dark circles so it is advisable to avoid it in the first place. Keep the under eye area sufficiently moisturized, it should not get dry, avoid exposure to sun since it can tan your delicate under eye skin.

Use a protecting cream during the day and a repairing cream in the night, care for eyes is very important since they are the most expressive features of our face. The causes of dark circles are many like; lack of sleep, stress, improper diet, excessive alcohol consumption, however, recent study reveals that these are myths and dark circles are hereditary.Also people with deep set eyes have permanent dark circles so there is no point in wasting time and trying to get rid of them.
Doctors say that dark circles are the by-product of the mechanism that produces bruises. When blood vessels in the area are traumatized because of stress or anger they may leak, blood then leaks out into the surrounding skin. The body begins the mopping up process and thus your skin looks dark, the cause of dark circles can be attributed to leaky capillaries. Though this process occurs in the entire body but is more visible under the eyes since the skin is very thin.
Though there isn’t any permanent solution for dark circles but some home remedies can be of some help, place thin slices of potato or cucumber on the eyes, this will lighten the dark circles to some extent.
Alternatively cosmetic surgery can be of some help in getting rid of dark circles though it doesn’t address the real cause of the problem. Additionally aromatherapy oils can be used to cure dark circles under the eyes.

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