Makeup for Eyes

Eye make up if done correctly can make a lot of difference and can give you a dramatic look. Eye makeup includes application of shadow, mascara and liner and kajal, you need to get all the things for the perfect look. Better to go for the good brands like MAx, Lo real,Revlon etc.


The first step to eye makeup is concealing the dark circles and fine lines if you have any, even if you don’t it is good to use a concealer for a neat effect. The next important thing is to complete your other makeup and apply eye makeup at the end

.1) Eye shadow - Before you start your eye shadow application wear your lenses and apply the eyeshadow before applying the liner. The colour of your eye shadow plays a very important role in eye make up, it is not necessary to match it with your garment. But keep it in the same colour zone, if in doubt stick to grey and brown shades. Always use an applicator brush starting from your lash line, blending upwards towards the socket. Stay within this zone so that your eyes don’t look loud or over done. Remember the key is ” Less is more”, however, for an evening wear apply one more coat of the same colour for an intense look.

2) Mascara - Wear your mascara before applying the eye liner. Do not wear a brown mascara with black eyeliner. Use a comb to separate lashes after applying the mascara, some make up artists also use tooth pick to separate lashes which get stick together in one direction. Move the mascara brush back and forth at the root to get maximum coverage

3) Eye Liner - Stay away from eye liner if you have tiny eyes, instead use a dark colored eye shadow. Apply it close to the lash line and blend it out gently, using a brush or eye shadow applicator. Use a light brush of mascara, this will help open up your eyes. If you have big eyes you can apply eyeliner on the lower lid also, but if you have small eyes don’t apply liner on the lower lid as it will make your eyes look even smaller.

4) Kajal- Apply Kajal for the final touch. It will add more beauty to your eyes.

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