Bridal Makeup Tips:

Becoming a bride and changing your social status for single to married is a big step for most women. The big day is a very important day, a day in which you will be in the center of attention, so you have to look and feel gorgeous.

Most brides panic before the wedding and feel stressed because they want everything to be perfect. Keep in mind that there are always some things which suddenly appear but they can be easily handled so don't stress yourself out. Enjoy yourself and make the fullest of this important day in your life.

To make sure everything works out just as it's supposed to, in order for you to look, feel fabulous and splendid make sure you:
* Go to a professional for your wedding hairstyle. If you want to look your best it is better to seek help from a good hairstylist. They are well trained professionals which can make the best out of your hair to enhance your facial features as well as the hairstyle. Make an appointment before your wedding to take a glimpse at how your hair will look. This way you still have time to make any necessary adjustments which you might feel the need for.
* Opt for a more natural looking make-up in order to look your best in the pictures. You don't want to go for too shimmery make-up or too dark make-up because you might look bad in the pictures. Try going for a soft, sensual look, a look everyone can pull off. Get a professional make-up if you are not so good with performing your own make-up. It's an important day of your life so looking good is vital, therefore a few buck spent on make-up will be money well spent.
* Enhance your eyelashes and eyebrows. Eyelashes and eyebrows are very important even though at first they seem to have little importance. They can help soften the facial features by enhancing your eyes and making you look more sensual and feminine. Learn how to enhance and make the best of your eyelashes and eyebrows with make-up.
* Take your make-up kit with you. There is a long day ahead of you and you need to look perfect every single minute. Since you'll be overwhelmed with emotions you might ruin your make-up, this is why it is important to carry your beauty kit with you, in case touch-ups are necessary you'll be prepared.
* Wear the dress, the make-up , the hairstyle that you like most. You don't have to wear the latest trends of everything if you don't like it or if they don't suit you. If you won't like everything about you, you won't be able to have that glow which make brides stand out. If you love how you feel you will radiate beauty and confidence, which are two of the most important things in looking and feeling gorgeous.
* Use heavy-pigmented cream foundation and layer it with powder foundation to make the skin look smoother.

* Use powder foundation on neck, ears and chest too so that you don't seem to have a painted face.

* Learn some camouflage makeup tricks and buy its products to use on your big day.

* If you have combination skin, use water based foundation and a dry sponge.

* Hide the under eye circles by applying concealer. Blend it towards the nose and use downward strokes.

* For a perfect eye shape, use a small brush to blend a medium tone color from just below the brow arch downwards in a semi-circle motion.

* Use light peach eye shadow as eyelid base.

* Choose lip liner that blends easily with lipstick for that soft glossy look that looks good in photographs too.

* Place the focus on the face either on eyes or on lip and underplay the other with neutral pink or brown shades.

* Thin and small lips look more sensuous with light lip colors while fuller lips can use deep shades.

* Choose your bridal wear carefully. The shade, texture and color of your wedding dress should complement your figure and skin color. This includes bridal footwear, too. Complete your wedding planning well in advance-from the shade of nail enamel to the eye shadow that you will wear on your wedding day. Last minute goof ups can seriously hamper your wedding plans.

* You should also eat a balanced diet that includes the right proportion of proteins, fresh fruits and fruit juices, dry fruits and nuts, salads and green leafy vegetables. You may consult a dietitian for this purpose.

* Shedding those extra pounds is also helpful. A combination of Pilates and yoga can be a great way to loose weight. Do not choose weight loss pills or similar products to loose weight. Remember, loose weight the healthy way. There are no shortcuts to a good figure.

* Choose the right cosmetics for the wedding; do not compromise on the quality of the cosmetics. Select a type of make up that matches your skin type and your skin color.

* Get manicures, pedicures, facials and glycolic peels done, to give your face, hands and feet a radiant glow and supple look that will make others go green with envy! Taking up a cleaning, toning and moisturizing regimen every day. Use a sunscreen lotion before going out.

* Avoid pink tone foundation. It will make your face appear pale in photographs. Also when you apply foundation make sure you apply in all exposed areas , that is your neck, hand and back. For an oily skin choose a matte foundation that is water based.

* After a complete make up, dust a little face powder as it will help the make up stay longer.

Enjoy yourself because you will definitely make a gorgeous looking bride. You deserve to feel special on your wedding day so have fun and be happy.

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