Tips on Hair Bleaching at Home:

If you want to get some home hair bleaching tips, you are on the right place. Hair bleaching is a chemical process used for obtaining a light, blonde hair. It is a very popular method among women all around the world who are longing to have platinum blonde locks. You can either opt for going to a hair styling salon to get the bleaching done by professionals, or you can choose the most economical and entirely safe way of bleaching your hair at home.

Let’s see the major steps of bleaching your hair at home:

1.Go to a cosmetic store or drugstore and choose carefully a bleaching-kit that is appropriate for your natural hair color. You can also ask a professional staff member for advice.

2. Before you start bleaching, read attentively the instructions and precautions on the bleaching-kit and proceed carefully, because even minor mistakes can ruin your look. Generally it is advisable to do a patch test before applying the bleach to your hair.
3. Mix the bleach-kit together following strictly the instructions written on the kit. Mix the developer and the lightener based on the measurements suggested in the instructions. Make sure that the consistency of the mixture is neither too thin nor too thick.
4. Put on the rubber glove that come with the kit. If the bleaching-kit contains no gloves, you should purchase one pair at the nearest drugstore or cosmetic store. The next important thing is to tie a towel around your neck, to avoid staining your clothes.
5. Part your hair using small claw hair clips. Remove the clip from the first section and use the provided brush to distribute the mixed bleach evenly. Use the gloves to massage the bleach into your hair. Clip the section once you are ready with bleaching it. Proceed the same way with all the other sections of hair.
6. When all the hair sections are coated, remove the clips, and put on a shower cap over your hair and warm the shower cap with a blow-dryer until you feel that your head is warm.This helps speeding up the bleaching process.
7. Leave the bleach on your hair for about 20 minutes or as it is written on the instructions then wash off with a mild shampoo. After you have rinsed all the bleach off, wash your hair with shampoo and rinse well. Bleaching can dry your hair, so it is adviseable to use a hair conditioner to give moist and lustre to your blonde hair.

It is useful to note, that hair blechers contain chemicals and toxins, therefore it is important to proceed cautiously and keep it away from your eyes and your mouth. Never wash off the blach from your hair too early, or leave it beyond the recommended time, because you might not get the right shade or it can damage your hair.

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