Tulsi is mentioned in Padam Purana - "Just half a leaf of Tulsi is as useful in keeping a body healthy and away from diseases, as all the items and medicines made from all the flowers and leaves of the world". Tulsi leaves have significant remedial qualities with respect to dandruff and some skin ailments. It has an effective anti-bacterial quality. It also protects and moisturises the skin without obstructing the pores. It leaves a mat complexion and can be used as a make-up base if your skin is oily. Tulsi has very effective anti-pollution properties.

Hesh Tulsi Powder advantages:

- Anti dandruff and anti-bacterial

- Protects and moisturises skin

- Anti pollutant

Various commercial products , facials and other  range of products are available in market which  guarantee maximum results in minimum time. They include:

•Facials and skin care

•Skin repairing and anti-ageing

•Massage and body treatments


•Hands and nail therapy

•Feet and leg treatments

•Day packages

 The researches shows that  Tulsi "reduces eczema and psoriasis ... and helps skin diseases like leprosy and staph infection." With its antibacterial properties, Tulsi flushes out dangerous toxins and regenerates skin.


Tulsi contains ursolic acid, a compound that prevents wrinkles and helps retain the elasticity prevalent in young faces. No wonder Tulsi became an instant hit with the beauty industry and a prime ingredient in herbal cosmetics, including face packs, creams and many other products.

For fresh and youthful skin, mix Tulsi powder  with water and apply to your face. Once dried, rinse your face thoroughly with water.

Beauty and Restoration

Tulsi enhances beauty; many Indian women make it a part of their daily beauty ritual.

Applying Tulsi powder removes spots from your face. For natural freshness, boil water with Tulsi leaves and lemon juice. Cover your head with towel and refresh your face with the emanating steam.

Tulsi cleanses and purifies the blood. Hecapedia recommends using Tulsi paste to treat acne. A homemade cure of Tulsi paste helps people with leucoderma.

Other Uses

Referred to as an "elixir of life," Tulsi has a long and varied history. Drinking tea or a decoction imbued with stress-resilient Tulsi calms the mind and body. Extensively used in Ayurveda, Tulsi juice heals respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, excessive cough and fever. Tulsi can help lower cholesterol and protect heart and blood vessels. Gargle with Tulsi and warm water to relieve a sore throat. In Ayurveda, a paste of tulsi and black pepper treats ringworm.

A very very useful tip::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Try this for natural freshness :

Take some water in a vessel. Squeeze half a lemon into it. Now add a fistful of Tulsi leaves, a handful of mint leaves, and boil it. Now cover your hair and expose only your face to the steam emanating from this water. Apply some of the water to your face when it has cooled down to a bearable temperature.

If there are dark spots on your face, add some lemon juice to the juice of Tulsi leaves and apply this mixture on the spots. Let it dry, and then wash it off with clear water. If this is done regularly every morning and evening, the spots will disappear in a few days and the face will become clean, fresh and glowing. An equal amount of ginger juice can be substituted for the lemon juice.

A decoction of Tulsi and mint is an excellent rejuvenator. Tulsi is also useful for treating acne.
The fragrance of tulsi is also very very beneficial.
Its fragrance is very effective in increasing the beauty, health and radiance of the body. It has a great capacity of purifying the blood and correcting any unfavourable alteration in it. Your body will acquire glow and your face will become radiant. Your beauty will thus be greatly enhanced. Tulsi is considered the best remedy for leucoderma and other skin disorders.

Rubbing finely powdered dry Tulsi leaves on the face like talcum powder makes it glow with beauty. This powder also remove light and dark spots on the face. Chewing a few leaves of the plant will purify the blood and turn it bright red.

Applying a thick paste formed by crushing and grinding dry Tulsi with a little pure water to the face opens up the pores of the skin. The dirt in them is easily flushed out of the pores through perspiration leaving the skin glowing, soft, clear, and free from odoriferous substances, thus imparting radiance to the face.

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