Unwanted Hair Removal Tips

Unwanted hair on the face or on the body affects a huge number of women.Having unwanted hair on the exposing areas of the body can be very embarrassing and also makes you feel unattractive.

So, it is best to get rid of the hair on the parts of the body where you don’t want it.

Here are the most common and widely used hair removal Methods to get rid of unwanted hair.

Tweezing/pluckingTweezing is effective method to remove hair of chin, upper lips and eyebrows. Shaping Your Eyebrows, Eyebrow Tweezing can be done by a tweezers. For better result you must select a tweezer with good grip and don't forget to pick the hair towards the growing direction of hair while tweezing. Tweezer is used for tweezing or plucking of women's body hair. Remember: Plucking out a hair by the root through tweezing can lead to an infection of the hair shaft and curling of the hair into the skin. Before using tweezers, apply cold cream to the face so as to soften the roots of the hair.

This is done either through electric razors or a disposable razor held by hand, that can give about three dozen of smooth shaves. Applying a shaving cream on wet skin will be helpful in achieving a smooth appearance. While this method is very fast, easy and painless, the results are brief; usually will last 2 - 3 days. New hair growth can be bristly giving you rough and even legs that are painful to the touch. Avoid razor burns:

- Always shave with a new blade.

- Shave thoroughly, applying as little pressure as possible, paying special attention to the curves.

- Wash off shaving cream with cold water.

- Apply an aftershave.

- Pat with a towel to dry the area well.

- Smooth on lotion to skin.

Waxing is little bit painful method; it's not applicable on tender skin. In this method hair is removed from root hence it can't grow for longer time. Hot waxing and cold waxing are two popular methods; you may select your choice of method with consultation of your beautician.

Quick Tips

. Insist on disposal strips (e.g.: - cellophane).

. Find a sensible beautician who doesn't try to boil you alive in bubbling wax.

. Pop a cetzin 10 mg tablet at morning & night the day you wax & slap on lots of ice & 'caladryl' lotion immediately afterwards to avoid hives.

. If they still occur apply "Flucort" lotion twice a day. Pus filled boils however will require a full course of antibiotics.

This temporary method is popular because it's less painful. Unwanted hair are bleached and made colorless to hide on skin. Before applying this method you must test on your skin to see whether it is allergic or suitable on your skin.

Depilatory Cream
Using depilatory cream is yet another temporary method to remove unwanted hair. A depilatory is a chemical based lotion or cream that is used to dissolve hair. Sometimes irritation may occur. I will recommend you to do a test before using depilatory cream. This is gift for women with coarse hair.They contain thioglycollate that breaks chemical bonds in hair structure, dissolving it. Convenient, but smelly (yuck!),and again the effect is short lived as hair is not uprooted

Professionally it is known as "Derma blend", and the technique uses a needle to reach the hair bulb in each follicle & passes a DC current a short burst of AC current to kill the hair bulb permanently. Quite widely advertised earlier, it's now considered only second best to lasers as it's time consuming (even an expert can remove only 30-40 hairs per hour) & some hair bulbs might still escape & cause regrowth .Electrolysis can remove the unwanted hair permanently after five/ six sessions. Hair can be destroyed on the third treatment if the needle is inserted and damage to the tissue around the follicle can leave small scars or red marks.

This is the latest, state-of-the-art, perfectly hygienic, painless (I'm almost implying perfect) way to permanent hair removal.
Most commonly a diode caser is used to "shoot" a certain skin area with the laser beam which selectively targets pigment. So the beams automatically cover hair follicles which are the darkest points in the skin.
Obviously then people with very dark skin (with very little contrast-b/w skin & hair) cannot be treated as they may get skin cannot be treated as they may get skin burns. Neither can grey hair (without pigment) be removed. The price is also steep - about Rs.1500 to 2000 (even more) for an upper lip! About 3-6 sitting are required and if you afford it -it keeps you hair free for years. As of now, a very limited number of outlets in Mumbai offer this facility.

Sugaring is an age-old hair removal method lasting up to six weeks uses natural ingredients like lemon, sugar and water to remove the hair follicle from the root. Although a similar process to waxing, sugaring is much more gentle to the skin and easier on the ouch factor.

There is actually no such thing as "permanent" hair removal, as even if ALL existing follicles are destroyed, the skin regenerates new follicles in a few years so a regrowth occurs even after using laser technology or electrolysis.

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