Eyebrows Tips- easy steps

Here are some tools which u should have to help guide you toward getting your perfect brow:

White eye liner or brow pencil
A good set of tweezers
Small brow brush to help brush out brow hairs (Very cheap )

Once you have obtained all your shaping tools, try to think about what kind of shape you want to have. Your eyebrows give personality to your entire face by embracing your eyes, so think carefully when choosing the right shape.

In previous section of this blog I have quoted different eyebrows shape also

Here are steps . U must Follow these six easy steps and your brows will be looking tamed and trendy within the next 20 minutes.

Prep the area by cleansing and exfoliating with a gentle scrub. If you are someone who is sensitive to pain or your eye area then rub a small amount of Orajel or any other teething gel on to your brow.

Set yourself up in an area that receives as much light as possible, the more natural light, the better.

Using the white pencil (and the stencil, if you have one), draw out the shape of the brow.

Using your tweezers, pluck the hairs that fall outside of the white pencil lining. Make sure to pluck the hairs in the same direction that they're growing and don't pluck to many hairs at once.
After every few hairs make sure to stop and look at where you're at. You don't want to over-pluck!

Finally just a little tip between us girls, the best time for brow-shaping is the week after your period begins.

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