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Fashion, a general term for the style and custom prevalent at a given time, in its most common usage refers to costume or clothing style.Fashion changes everyday but we should keep wear the clothing according to our figure. Check out the basic guidelines which will help you in knowing your clothing style.

Keep in mind the following basic guidelines
Average Figure
1). If you are of average height and size, Choose a single colour dress but if colour break is desirable for a change, then wear colours which are close in intensity or which will be carried upwards.
2) . Select neutral and basic colours for business wear.
3). Choose designs with vertical lines.
4). Avoid adding oversize sleeves, bold prints, bulky fabric, too many colour breaks, and dresses that are too long.

Short Broad Figure

1) 1)..If you having short broad figure, should be to avoid designs and looks which create an imbalance and shorten your figure.
2) 2).Always remember that a horizontal line will shorten, add width to your body and attract attention
3) 3). Use a mono look from head to toe or adding a contrasting colour at the neckline.
4) 4).Bulky fabric also adds width and can visually shorten your look.
5) 5).Tapered dresses give length to your look. Balance head size with a soft, medium-volume hair style.
6) 6).To look taller and narrower, avoid fitted curvy lines, too much fullness, too many details and large patterned sleeves.

Short, Petite Figure

1) If you having short, petite figure then You must choose designs that give you height and avoid anything that overwhelms you.
2) Anything fancy worn downwards like attractive footwear, will attract the eye downwards making you visibly lose inches.
3) Colour breaks will create a shortening effect for you.
4) Stay away from bulky and heavy fabrics - they have nothing in common with your look.

Tall, Thin Figure

1) 1). For the tall , thin figure use shoulder pads on your dresses.
2) 2). Heavy fabrics should be avoided as the fabric will fall heavy and make your arms look skinny
3) 3). Use a contrast colour for piping on your neckline.
4) 4). Avoid vertical lines, a mono look, clingy designs and fabrics.
5) 5). Neutral colour dresses and patterns like checks will suit this type. The taller you are, the longer your kurtha length can be.

Tall, Broad Figure

1) 1).This figure shape benefits from wearing a mixture of colours. Select designs with vertical lines.
2) 2). Choose simple styles with enough fabric to allow easy movement. Too much fullness and a bulky fabric makes a large person look even larger.
3) 3). Choose to wear loose-fitting dresses. Wear dresses with break in colour. Have a middle panel in a different colour to your side panels and sleeves.
4) 4). Avoid wearing clinging fabric, horizontal stripes and short kurtas.

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