Lipstick Applying Tips

Your choice of lipstick colors usually depends on several factors, including the colors of the clothing you are wearing. Your lipstick color should complement your outfit, not clash with it. Some of the most popular brands include: Revlon, Loreal, Mac, Clinique, Mary Kay, Cover Girl and Avon. And the most popular lipstick colors are: plum, fever, skin tone, red, pink and neutral.
The occasion and dress style (casual or formal) are also determining factors. For casual wear natural colors would be more appropriate while deeper colors such as dark reds would be preferable for a party or formal events. After you have decided on a color, try it on your lips and test the color in natural light

  1. Pink: If you have thin lips or sharp nose avoid such nuances. It also emphasizes all red skin tones. Our recommendation is that pink lipstick should be worn especially by blonde women.
  2. Red: This is a much warmer color and it has a more dramatically effect. Adds shine, softness and depth. Red lipstick can be used with confidence, it matches with any hair color: use dark red lipstick if you are blonde or light shades of red if you are brunette.
  3. Orange: Looks great on warm skin tones, but if the skin is very pale, well…orange will emphasize this feature. Too much orange can make skin look gray and aging. Redheads can use it with success, but it depends on their color shade. If the red color is very bright, try not to use a bright orange shade for your lips.
  4. Brown and gold shades of lipstick: For a dramatic look. You have to be aware that dark lipstick colors thickens the lips and can add some more years to your actual age. Also, a brown or gold lipstick matches any hair color.
You have to use all of the valuable tips on how to choose lipstick color when you shop and when you dress. Following are a few factors you will want to consider.

1). Color of your skin: Lipstick Color has to match the complexion of your face. The women with fair skin have an advantage. They can choose from most of the shades available from light pink and beige to deep red with blue undertones. The ladies with medium skin tone should definitely opt for deeper lipstick colors. The medium browns with bronze, honey, yellow and orange undertones are excellent choices. The deep reds and pinks are also fine choices. For instance, if your skin is light, pick a light lipstick like peach. Similarly, if your skin is dark, pick a dark lipstick like raisin.

  • Fair Skin – Nudes, beige tones, light corals, light pinks.
  • Olive Skin or Golden Undertones – Reds, brownish mauves, burgundies, spicy browns.
  • Dark Skin – Plums, chocolates, reds, crimson-oranges.

2). Shape of your lips: Women with thin lips should choose softer glossier colors. The beige and pink will definitely improve your looks. The red is not a fine choice as it will make your lips appear even thinner. You can add a lip liner and gloss to give fullness to your lips. Just do not overuse these types of makeup to avoid looking funny. The ladies with full lips should wear darker matter lipsticks. The red and brown shades will complement your looks excellently. Matte lipstick usually look best on large lips because of their minimizing effect.
3). Lifestyle: You should definitely wear more neutral and softer colors at work, even though the red is a classic choice. When you are dressed casually, make sure your lip color is not bright. The beige, light brown and pink are great for casual outings. In many cases, especially when you do exercise in your pastime, the lib balm is a better choice. When you are dressy, make sure you choose the right lipstick color to match your makeup. The glossies and more dramatic shades are perfect for formal evening events, but keep in mind that they should not be complemented with way too heavy makeup. If you work in an office and really don't have time to freshen up, choose a lipstick that is durable and long lasting. If you work outside and need protection from the sun, choose a lipstick that has sunscreen in it. In other words, choose a lipstick that is right for the lifestyle you lead.
4). Time of day :Keep colors lighter for daytime and darker for night. Matte and cream finishes offer a subtler daytime look, while a high-gloss finish adds glamour for evening. A sheer, natural-looking color with a little shine also works well for day.
Always try the lipstick you plan to buy by applying a bit of the tester sample on your hand. In this way you will find the right match for your skin tone.

Application Tips on Lipsticks and liners:

1). First step is to use lots of lip balm on your lip. This will avoid your lips becoming cracked or frayed. This is really important in the cold winter months to care more on your lips. You will lose moisture from your lips much faster in winter. Wait for a while to get the lip balm to sink in to the lips. If you do not let the lip balm to sink in, then the lip liner will not work properly.

2). You need to apply a coat of foundation to smooth and soften lips. This step helps to fill in the lines and smoothes the surface of lips. Also helps lipstick to last longer.

3). Always use a lip liner that matches or that is slightly darker than your lipstick shade Line lips starting at one corner of your upper lip tracing around your lip line to the other corner. Repeat for bottom lip. Do not go right to the corners. The top and bottom liners should not meet or you may get the "circle' look. Fill in lips using your lip liner to prevent a ring being left behind when your lipstick wears off. This step will also help lipstick stay longer. Smudge liner slightly.

4). Apply lip color with a lip brush to avoid disturbing liner. Swipe the brush over the lipstick a few times. Starting at the center of lips, work the color outwards. Be sure to line color where lip liner ends at the corners of your mouth. Brush lips one more time with another coat of lip color. Repeat a third time if a more intense pout is what you desire. Blot excess off

5). Now is the turn of lip gloss; to add some glamour!! Choose a natural lip gloss. Never choose any lip stick which is too dark or too light for your lips. Even if lip gloss looks better on your lips, they do not last like lip stick. You need to have some lip gloss handy, to apply during the day.

6). Plump them up : Now this last part is a bit difficult to do. But it is not too hard to do either. Apply a white shimmery eye shadow or eye brow high lighter right in the centre of your lips. You need to do it real carefully and blend it in. The coloring has to be natural and the shade should be lighter where your mouth opens. This will make your lips look fuller and beautiful.
Note: IF eye make-up is strong, lipstick shade should be paler.
If you are wearing a casual or sport outfit, use a lip-gloss with a neutral shade.
If you go to a wedding and your dress is very…colorful, do not exaggerate with the lipstick shade.
A clear lip balm is the best thing for everyday use while sheer application of a colored lip gloss on lips, cheeks and eyes looks quite subtle and sexy. Glitter lipsticks and lip glosses are for special events and funky night parties that highlight your lips immensely. There are lip glosses that literally make your lips plumper and appear fuller and much more luscious. A very light film of pink or red lipstick gives you the look of that carefree beauty that every woman yearns for. Become an attention-grabbing vampiress, who is hot and trendy these days, by using a blood red lip liner to make precise lip lines and apply two coats of lipstick of same color, blotting the extra oil in between with the tissue paper.

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