Cooking Tips

  • Never beat idli batter too much because the air that has been already incorporated during fermentation will be lost.

  • To obtain fluffier idlis: while grinding rice for idlis, add one-fifth the quantity of soaked flaked rice (poha).

  • Never use wet spoons, ladles etc to remove or handle pickle as the moisture leads in rotting of the pickle.

  • When cookie dough is soft and difficult to handle, place it between pieces of wax paper that have been floured. Roll to desired thickness, remove the top paper, and cut cookies.

  • When cooking with wine, leave the pan uncovered so that the alcohol will burn off. The resulting liquid will have a fruitier flavour.

  • After removing pickle from the bottle, always press it back into the oil layer using a rubber spatula or spoon. Make sure the pickle is fully submerged in the oil to prevent it from getting spoiled.

  • Moisture causes baking powder to deteriorate faster. To prevent this store baking powder in airtight containers. Anyway it should not be stored for too long as it loses strength over time.

  • When using leftover cooked chicken (or any other cooked meat) in stir-fry recipes, add it last and cook just long enough to heat.

  • If you are making patties or tikkis of potatoes, always make sure that the potatoes are boiled well in advance and cooled before you use them. It would be better if they can be refrigerated for a short time. This helps the starch in the potatoes to settle down and the tikkis will not break while frying.

  • Before using mustard oil for preparing vegetables etc., heat it to a point till light smoke emerges from it. This would remove the pungency from the oil.

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