Kitchen Tips

The kitchen is the main room of the house so it should look neat and clean and should be protected from the false environment and the bacterias.These kitchen tips are easy household methods to organize everything in your kitchen.

So here are some important tips which u can use to protect your kitchen from bad enviornment.Apply it in your kitchen for the better results

• Removing the skin of almond can be done easily if you soak them in hot water for around 15-20 minutes.

• If ants always seem to find their way in your sugar container, then try putting 2-4 cloves in the container.

• In moist weather biscuits get damp very easily. So try putting a blotting paper at the bottom of the container and keep your biscuits fresh for a longer time.

• Cut apples tend to get brown very easily. So apply some lemon juice on the cut surface and keep them looking fresher for a longer time.

• To get quick relief from minor burns apply mashed banana on that part.

• Keep celery fresh for a longer period by wrapping it in an aluminum foil and keeping it in the refrigerator.

• If you are a coffee lover this one is especially for you. Freeze your left over coffee in small cubes and keep them handy for times when you need instant coffee. Just take the cubes and put them in the microwave. Your coffee is ready.

• If you are having trouble with a vessel containing burnt food then add some chopped onions and pour some boiling water over it. Keep it for five minutes and then wash away.

• The caps of sticky substances like honey, syrup and jams tend to get jammed on the lips if the bottles are not used often. So a simple way to avoid this by first cleaning the lip of the bottle and then spraying it with some nonstick kitchen spray and the next time you try the bottle will open easily.

• To get rid of cockroaches in your kitchen, put some boric powder in the corners.

• To remove the hust of a coconut very easily, keep it in water for half an hour.

• Getting confused whether it is a fresh egg or an old one? Well simply put them in a pan containing cold water. If the eggs sink then they are fresh and if it rises to the surface it is an old one.

• If your teacups are stained, then simply wet cup and put around 2 tablespoons of salt in it and then gently rub it clean. You will find your cups sparkling clean.

• When you are trying to shell a cold hard-boiled egg then the easiest way to do it is by tapping the center of the egg. Then grab the egg in two hands and simply give a twist and the entire shell will come out.

• If you are heating milk then it is best to first rinse the pan with cold water and then pour milk and heat. This way there will be no milk scrum to clean later on.

• To clean off the sticky marks of the labels and stickers try using a bit of cooking oil on a soft cloth and then rubbing it. After this simply wipe off or wash clean. The mark would have vanished.

• If you are having trouble with hardened brown sugar, then simply put them in the microwave for some time.

• Keep your chilies fresher for a longer duration by removing their stems before storing them away.

• Are ants troubling you in the kitchen? Then the easiest way to get rid of them is trace their coming point and then make a thin line of lemon juice.

• If your lemon has become hard then try putting them in warm water for 5-10 minutes and then squeeze them.

• To get rid of mosquitoes without much effort simply pick a few tablets of camphor and put them in water. Keep it any place where you see mosquitoes . They will vanish in no time.

• To remove dried food particles, apply a paste of sodium bicarbonate and water on the walls and on the floor of your burner or oven and then keep it on low flame for about half an hour. Dried food will come out easily.

• To keep paneer fresh for a longer time wrap it in a blotting paper and then store it in the refrigerator.

• To prevent the formation of ice rub some table salt to the insides of the freezer.

• While making rice, add a few drops of lemon juice in the water before making the rice and see your rice turn out whiter.

• To remove grease and odor from your dishes, add a tablespoon of vinegar to hot soapy water.

• If you have dropped an egg, the easiest way to clean the mess is by covering it with salt and then let it stay there for some time. Then simply wipe clean the mess with a paper.

• When cleaning glass and crockery add a handful of salt and then rinse with water to get it sparkling clean.

• Avoid using non-stick pans for making sour dishes as it will remove the coating faster.

• If your jam has solidified add a small amount of hot water and stir. Your jam will come back to its usual consistency.

• If you need to ground your chilies then first soak them for some time to soften them and then only ground them.

• To avoid the formation of lumps in your salt container, put some rice granules at the bottom of the container, as they will absorb all the moisture from the salt.

• Do not throw away used lemons. Instead put them in the pressure cooker when cooking. This will help in preventing the inside of the cooker from turning black.

• One healthy kitchen tip is making a quick nutritious diet from bananas. Roll ripe bananas on some chopped nuts or even grated coconut and freeze. This is a wonderful treat for summers giving you a taste of ice cream.

• If your chicken curry is very hot then add good amounts of curd to it. It will not only improve the taste but also make it milder.

• Make good use of your cabinet doors by hanging utensils, cleaners etc.

• To save your utensils from burning, cut an onion in half and rub it on the insides of your utensils and heat for a few minutes and add oil.

• If you have glassware stuck to each other then add cold water in the inner glassware and put the set in hot water and see them come apart.

• To remove stains from plastic ware, dip them in hot water with one cup of bleach. Take them out after a while and clean them as usual. They will shine clean.

• If you add bay leafs to the flour container the flour will remain free from moisture.

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