Skin Wrinkles Causes and Remedies

Skin Wrinkles Treatment

Wrinkling of skin is caused primarily because of two reasons. One being the growing natural age factor and another is the undernourished, unhealthy and affected skin. But reason can be anything, nobody (especially women) like to have sagging, wrinkled and folded skin pattern. Let us know some basic prevention and treatment for skin wrinkling.

Wrinkling in skin is caused due to lack of proper blood supply and nutrition to the cells and tissues coupled with exposure to harsh environmental factors like sun, dust, cold weather and so on. There are a couple of ‘must-dos’ to make up for the damage caused.

Make up should be removed thoroughly to clean the dust, oil secretion and bacterial growth. Clean with an exfoliating cleanser to remove them and dead cells too. Now massage your skin from bottom to top for proper blood circulation and releasing the induced stress.
  Next step would be to nourish your skin with good natural creams and products. Use carrot, cucumber, coconut milk, apple skin, aloe, olive, almond etc as face packs. Massage using fruits and vegetable skin and flesh. Turmeric paste is also a natural herbal product which acts as an anti wrinkle cream and giving a natural glow to your skin. 

Consuming or topical application of milk, sugarcane, banana, mango, apple, orange and lemons, berries, green tea and most importantly water help restore the damage from within. Alpha/ poly/ beta hydroxy acids, estrogen and many other compounds are used to make anti wrinkle creams which are proved to be effective too.

• After these steps, put on your make up step by step to protect your skin the whole day. Apply toners to remove traces of oil, use good natural moisturizers to maintain moisture in the skin and avoid cells getting dried up. Then apply mineral foundation of matte type and a light toned make up color. Do not over apply make up.

Take good care of your lips and skin under the eyes. Eye shadows and lip balms must only cover up the skin shortcomings but also should prevent from UV and harsh sun to avoid wrinkles.

Skin wrinkling can be treated with various other creams and lotions. Tretinoin, also popularly called the Retin A is an antioxidant which helps in smoothening of the skin. The epidermal layer which is dead in a wrinkled skin can be removed and facilitated to grow new ones using few polypeptides of amino acids and proteins. 

Dermal fillers and botulinum toxin (botox) also, to an extent repair the damaged skin tissues and help rejuvenating them. Consuming more of cereals, pulses, vegetables, green leafy and fruits rich in Vitamin C, D, E and minerals serve a great purpose in anti wrinkle strategies. 

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