Botox Treatment To Prevent Wrinkles

Does Botox actually stop us from ageing?

Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure and the main reason people have it done is to make them younger. As we get older the levels or elastin and collagen within our skin start to rapidly diminish which means our skin starts to sag and become wrinkly. Although Botox has its limitation with regards to treating excessive sagging skin, it is very effective at treating frown lines and smile lines around the eyes.

Botox is actually a neuro toxin and it works be preventing nerves functioning within the body/face. By specifically targeting certain nerves within the face Botox can improve your cosmetic appearance. If you consider the frown lines within your forehead, the reason you get them is because of the over action of the Corrugator Supercilii muscle (the frown muscle). If the nerve that supplies this muscle is prevented from sending its signal (electric impulse) then the muscle will stop working and the frown lines/wrinkles will reduce.

A Botox practitioner is able to target specific nerves all over your face to reduce the tell-tale signs of ageing. Although Botox is used predominantly for cosmetic purposes it does also have some medical benefits too. Examples of such benefits are in the treatment of chronic migraines and excessive sweating.
As to whether Botox actually stops us ageing, well unfortunately the answer is no!

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• Anyone who claims to have found the cure for ageing is simple not telling the truth and you should tell them so!

• The main problem with Botox is that it is not a permanent solution and on average the effects last for around 4 months.

• People who continually have Botox repeated may find that the effects last slightly longer, up to 6 months in some cases. The reason for this is due to weakening of the muscles which is caused from them being permanently relaxed. During this period you will undoubtedly look younger but as soon as the Botox wears off all your wrinkles and frown lines will return to as they were previously!

• Botox can therefore be thought of as temporarily making you look younger rather than actually stopping us from ageing!

Having said this Botox undoubtedly an effective non-surgical treatment and providing you know its limitations you are likely to be very happy with the results. The side effects of Botox are rare and generally only minor and the price of Botox is cheap compared to surgical procedures. 

A skilled practitioner is able to make you look younger and fresher faced whilst still ensuring that you look natural. As yet there are no treatments that stop us from ageing; rather they temporarily trick the ageing process.

There are longer lasting treatments such as dermal filler which can produce results which last up to one year but as with Botox once their effects wear off your appearance will return to exactly as it was previously. 

In summary, Botox can produce a significant improvement in your cosmetic appearance making you look significantly younger. It does however not stop aging meaning to maintain the same results the treatment will have to be continually repeated every 4 -5 months.

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