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David Kirsch already helped top models like Heidi Klum in a few weeks to reshape her in a flawless and perfect appearance. What is David Kirsch Diet and how it helps body to regulate itself for weight balancing, here we decipher the enigma.

David Kirsch's diets marketed worldwide under names like "New York Diet" or " the ultimate seven day loose weight program." With the Diet formulated by David Kirsch (age 50 years), one can lose maximum weight in short time. It promises to lessen 7kg weight and 13cm waist in 2 weeks if you adhere strictly to program instructions. The principle of the New York Diet by David Kirsch is based on a reduction of carbohydrates and an increased intake of protein, the fat burning and metabolism are stimulated.

David Kirsch, in his works always includes an appropriate amount of recipes because in the long term he would like to make the customer such a palatable diet.

The three stages of David Kirsch Diet

The New York Diet by David Kirsch is divided into three phases, which should last at least for 8 weeks. The change of diet is supplemented by a daily strength training and running. In the first phase, the weight is reduced drastically and is dispensed with starchy carbohydrates, fruit, fat, bread, coffee, dairy products and alcohol. Vegetables, salad, lean meat, fish and egg whites are permitted.

After 14 days, you go on The David Kirsch diet phase two; carbohydrates will be added in diet plan besides dairy products and coffee.

After another 14 days of phase two, you go into phase three, which one is best to hold out your life. Here again, the food emphasized in reducing carbohydrates. You should make it possible to maintain the desired weight for long term.

The sports program of the David Kirsch Diet

First, we passed a fitness test or an equivalent pre-test. The main program is then a bit more challenging and shaping the individual muscles separately. Moreover, there is still a training of the upper body and a training of the lower body. To relax the muscles, you must take rest and at least for one day.

Advantages and disadvantages of David Kirsch Diet

The training program of the David Kirsch method is varied and diverse and motivated, because the results show too fast on the scale. Although the diet is severely limited, however, remains astonishingly varied. Especially diet without carbohydrates, however, costs a lot of self discipline and exercise program makes the next day for a general soreness, the more difficult the further training.

Due to the low calorie intake during the first week, it certainly can lead to complications such as dizziness or a yo-yo effect. Besides it, a rapid weight loss lead to cracks and wrinkles in the skin.

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