Modern Carpet Cleaning Methods

We all know how annoying it can be to have spots or spills on a nice carpet and how much of a pain it is to clean them up using conventional methods or household chemicals. For that very same reason cleaning companies specializing in carpet cleaning offer many alternatives which have been improving over the decades since the Industrial Revolution.

There are several different technologies and methods used and this article will cover them so you can have a clear idea about how they work and what to expect as results when they are utilized:

 1.Rotary Cleaning or Bonet Cleaning : This is a method you have probably seen wherever janitorial companies have been involved. It is a low-tech method which requires little to no skill at all, which produces quick results. It involves the application of cleaning chemicals through the use of a rotary cleaning machine which uses a brush to apply and clean the surface and individual strands of the carpet.

 It is a useful procedure which unfortunately doesn't allow deep cleaning of soils and other chemicals which make it to the bottom of the carpet. This method is abrasive in nature and some companies may void any warranties they may have on their carpets if it is used instead of other ways of cleaning. This may lead to the need for restoration if the job isn't done properly.

2. Dry Foam Cleaning: This type of cleaning is rarely used because of the nature of the chemicals used. They have a highly surfactant function which lowers the surface tension of the carpet, allowing an easier time cleaning debris and overall good results.

 There are some side-effect to the method as it is possible to have heavy residue left from the detergent which may cause further re-soiling relatively quickly after the cleaning is done. Once again used for quick results and much like the rotary cleaning method this may cause the need for carpet restoration.

3.Dry Powder Cleaning: This a method using a low-moisture powder which saturates the carpet. The powder absorbs soil and dust from the carpet and afterward gets vacuumed away when it dries off.

A common side effect of this treatment might be the residue left unless the vacuuming is done properly, which may require hot water extraction to avoid “dusting”. Some of the materials used might be synthetic so they won't break down in time. Overall it is a good method which yields fast results which allows carpets to return to their owners on short notice.

4. Low Moisture Cleaning: This is a method utilizing polymer-based chemical products that helps the brushing and grooming of the carpet being cleaned. The good thing about this type of method is the quickness of it and the fact that there is no need for drying. This is one of the best methods available because it is less time-consuming and its benefits for the surface of the carpet are much more long-term than other types.

5. Hot Water Extraction: This is a wonderful deep cleaning method which uses a solution of hot water and detergent, essentially “washing” the whole carpet all the way to the core, which helps clean not only any debris and soil which has accumulated, but also the results of other types of cleaning done before that. The only drawback is the fact that the carpet needs to dry off and this takes time. This is the most commonly-used method and although its roots in history are old the chemicals used during the process have evolved significantly through the ages.

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