MakeupTips and Tricks for teens

• Take good care of your skin. Clean, tone and moisturize. It’s a good idea to start early and develop excellent habits when dealing with daily grooming. A clear complexion requires very little makeup.
Makeup should appear fresh, young and clean.
• Always blend. Makeup should look very soft and natural.
• The best eye shadow colors for teens are beige, champagne, soft peach, coral, bronze and butternut.
• Use a bronzer in place of highly pigmented blushers. This will look radiant, soft and natural. • Use eye shadow to lightly line your eyes. Never use heavy eye liner pencils. They are too harsh.
Lip glosses are best for teenagers. Lip sticks are much too heavy. Glosses should be sheer and lightly pigmented.
• A powder or mineral foundation will give a very natural look and is great for teenagers on special occasions. If more coverage is needed, use a liquid foundation sparingly.
Creams are too heavy for teens.
• Teenagers may use a brow pencil to lightly fill in any gaps in their eyebrows, but a brush on brow is highly recommended because it is much more natural looking.
Lip liner pencils should be completely avoided. They are too mature for teens.

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