Important rules for obtaining a successful makeup


1. A necessary condition is that you don’t makeup your cheeks if they are not properly cleaned of if you are tired, and they have a “dropped down” look.

2. It is very important to use the appropriate natural skin products.

3. The makeup has to be done in a good light so the face does not reflect any shades
4. In applying blush and eye makeup is recommended to take account of your age. For example, it is not appropriate for older women to wear a strident make-up.

5. In achieving a successful makeup, colors play an important role. Colors should be chosen depending on the type of women we belong to, depending on clothing, depending on the time of day we shall wear it, etc..

6. When drawing the eye contour path, we have to keep in mind the fact that the ascending line rejuvenates and the descending one makes us look older.

7. By using two colors of the eye shadow, blush, foundation and powder, we can make corrections, knowing that dark colors fade the coated area and light colors highlight them.

8. To keep your cheek skin supple and healthy, it can not be neglected under any circumstances the cleaning of any traces of foundation.

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oye, yeh kya beauty parlour khol rahi hai?

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