Long Hair Haircut Tips:

1).For light wavy hair:

a) Wash hair and apply a volume booster.Follow this with a blow-dryer and comb the hair to one side. With the help of a curling iron, curl the edges and pin them on one side behind the ear. The lightly curled strands of hair falling gently across the face will add femininity to the entire look.

b) Part the hair from the center and blow-dry wet hair. Use a paddle brush. A paddle brush is useful to create waves. Then, apply some amount of styling gel on the shorter layers and curl them towards the inner side.

2).Long straight hair: Long straight hair has always been in fashion.You can keep the first layer up to the shoulder length. Such shoulder length hairstyles can suit women with a heart or oval face shape. Let the backside layer flow gently behind. If you don’t have naturally straight long hair, you can straighten the hair at any hair salon. And if you still wish to add an element of interest to long, straight hair, add some wispy bangs.

3). Shag hairstyles: Shag hairstyles are also an ideal option for women with long hair. It suits all face types. These are suitable for ladies who do not wish to spend long hours styling their hair. Shag hairstyles have a stylishly messy look

4). Color: Color is one of the best ways to change hairstyles for totally different remakes. The possible hair colors; red, blond, brunette, and dark all have deviating shades that generate unique looks even with similar hairstyles.

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