How to apply the henna to your hair


1). Purchase fresh red powder henna

2). One cup brewed black tea, allowed to sit overnight

3). 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice from a lemon which sat in the sun 12 hours or more

4). Brass bowl, not ceramic

5). Mixing spoon

6). Rose and Orange water to wash hands and feet before application.


1) Always use protective plastic gloves always

2) Permit the henna paste to settle on your hair for at least couple of hours

3) The duration of time necessary for coloring is dependent upon your hair type.

4) If your hair gets the color very fast, it will be colored in about 40 minutes.

5) If your hair is opposed to the color, it could take the 8 hours.

6) When the paste has been on your hair for the required length of time, rinse it carefully.

7) Rinse until the water is clear. Then rinse again and again to get the shiny look of your henna colored hair.

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