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Read this tips related to fashion:

1). The kameez should be a little longer in height. It makes you look taller.

2). If you have broad shoulders then avoid wearing puffed sleeves.

3). If you have fat arms and therefore cannot wear sleeveless then go in for sleeves of about 5 inches length. This will hide the flab on your arms and your hands will look thinner.

4). Salwar Kameez can be worn in many styles. Styles keep changing with Trends. Recently big bottoms were in fashion and now short Kurtas Are back in vogue.

5). Chudidar looks good on long kameezs or Kurtas. Avoid wearing them on short Kurtas. Chinese collar (closed neck) makes you look tall, but avoid it if you have broad shoulders.

6). Wear a Salwar Kameez around your naval area, as it will pull in your stomach.

7). If you have the tie strings on your side, it reduces the look of the paunch.

8). Tucks might be out of fashion but they give a very good cut to the Kameez.

9). Avoid Organza or any stiff cloth if you want to look slimmer.

10). Dark colours like maroon, red, blue or brown look very good on dark women.

11). Using colour to balance your body is a great idea. Wear light colours where you re small and dark colours where larger.

12). Don't choose clothes that are too tight. Clothes that fit well will make you appear slimmer while tight clothes will only add pounds.

13). Wear tops or dresses that have a scoop neckline with half or long sleeves to hide heavy arms and draw attention to the face and neck.

14). Clothes in solid colours with simple lines will make you appear taller.

15). Always break in new shoes before wearing them out for a special occasion.

16). Wear straight silhouettes in a solid colour to hide a thick waist.

17). The skinner the stripe, the thinner you appear.

18). Don't wear black on a hot day or at a wedding.

19). A straight cut skirt and full leg pants will hide large thighs.

20). To lengthen your legs wear slim, straight leg pants.

21). To appear taller and thinner, try a pinstripe suit.

22). Long sleeves should hit just at the wrist bone.

23). To hide wide hips, try an a-line style dress.

24). Give a new updated look to an old blouse or jacket by sewing on new buttons.

25). One of the biggest trends for spring is denim. You can find it in skirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, and shirts and even kurtas.

26). Choose your accessories wisely. Accessories can completely change the look of an outfit.

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