Tips for applying Eye-Liner

Eye liner is an important part of eye make up. It gives a dramatic touch to the face and makes eyes look bigger and attractive. Without eyeliner make up is never complete.
Eye-Liner add Beauty to your face but the problem is that most of the girls dont know " how to Apply Eye liner"

Here am giving precision of a neurosurgeon to put on the eyeliner which will help u alot.

*First of all dust a sheer, loose powder on the upper and lower lids. This will help the eyeliner stick well.
*You should apply a base coat of foundation and powder for the eye make-up. Even if you do not intend to wear the foundation you can apply it to your eyes. While applying the liquid liner you should make sure that the brush used to apply the liner is extremely thin. Because if it is not then you may draw too thick line. And it will also be hard to manage the liquid while putting it on
*To Create clean and straight line you should use the liquid form of the eyeliner.
*If you want to create that softer and subtler line then you should use the pencil eyeliners, as they are best.
*You should rest your elbow on a hard surface. This will minimize the shaking of your hands. Start applying the eyeliner from the middle of the eyelid and then gradually drag the liner to the inner corner of the eye. You should draw the line as close to the lashes as possible.
Then go back to the center of the eyelid and repeat the same process outwards.
*If you want to give that smoky look to your eyes then dab a little eye shadow over the line. This will not just give you the desired look but also help the liner stay in place. Of course the shadow and the liner should be of the similar shade.
*If you find that the eyeliner smudges then you should not reapply the liner. Instead you should clean up the line with a dampened Q-tip.
*You should extend the eyeliner slightly past the corners of your eyes for that cat look.
*If you have dark circles under the eyes you should avoid using dark eyeliner.
*When applying the eyeliner make sure that you apply it as close to the lashes as possible.
*Pencil liners tend to smudge and wear off easier.
*If your eyes droop down then you should line them up towards the outer corner of your eye.
*If the liner pencil is freshly sharpened then you should soften its tip by gently rolling it across the back of your hand.
*While using an eye pencil you should open your mouth slightly.
*You should choose a medium or dark shadow color to line your eyes.
*To give a round appearance to the eye, apply a soft neutral brown shade across the eyelid and slightly above the crease, creating a round shape. And blend it going upwards towards the brow.
*Then apply the same color shadow underneath the bottom lashes.

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