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Massage, in whatever form, at the very least loosens the muscles and takes away pain and strain from the body, relaxes the body and calms the mind. A good massage that is done regularly helps to stimulate the release of feel-good hormones known as endorphins. It also improves the circulation of blood within the body and makes the elimination of wastes from the body more efficient.

Facial massage is good because of many reasons. For one, massage helps to exfoliate the skin, taking away dirt and dead skin cells that make the skin look dull. For another, massage increases the circulation of blood to the face, and such improved circulation makes the skin more nourished and brings to it a healthy glow.

Facial Massage Techniques
Let us review some of the easiest and most effective facial massage techniques:

Use the index finger and middle finger for this technique. Place the middle finger under the jawline while the index finger rests on top of the jawline. Then slide from the jawline till the ears, using a very firm grip.

Take some oil (Vegetable or nut) and mix it well onto your palms. Apply this to your neck and face using long, outward and upward sweeping movements. Apply very little around the eyes and massage using only the ring fingers of both hands.

Massage your neck by using both hands alternately. Slide them upwards from the base of the neck to the jaw line. Turn the hands lightly over the neck and windpipe. This should be done from ear to ear.

Hold your hands in together, with the fingers clasped and pointing towards the forehead over your nose. Then press for 4-5 seconds and release. Repeat 7- 8 times.

Put your fingers together and using your whole hand start applying pressure on the left side of the neck with the right hand. Start from the base of the neck and go till the jawline. Then repeat on the other side switching hands.

Facial Massage Techniques - Step by Step
Head Tap - Tap the scalp and forehead with your fingers (as if drumming the table). This will increase blood flow and help you relax.

Forehead Massage - Clasp the fingers together over your forehead with the index finger right on top of the others. Then in a smooth movement, take the hands up to the hairline in a firm lifting movement. Repeat this 5-8 times.

Eye Massage- Fold both hands into a fist at the eye level. Then place the thumb on the cheekbones. Start at the nose bridge and draw the knuckles of the index finger over the eyebrows in an arc. Then get them down from the outside of the eye. Repeat this same action but this time under the eye. Do this 8-10 times.

Cheek Palming - Place both hands over the cheekbones. Then from the cheekbones till the mouth, draw the palms down and continue doing so along the bottom of the jawbone. Then draw along the same jawline till the ears and down to the cheekbones again. Repeat this cycle 8-10 times.

Mouth Exercises - Do some mouth exercises to tighten the area. Smile widely 5-6 times. This stretches the muscles. Then look up towards the ceiling and just open and close your mouth several times. This helps in relaxing the jawline and tightening the neck. One can also lightly tap the area around the mouth.

Throat Strokes - Gently pinch the area over the throat and collar bone. Make sure you don't do it too hard.

Ear Swipes - Simply massage the entire ear using your thumb and two fingers. Start at the top and continue till the lobe. Use as much pressure as that you are comfortable with. Do this 5-6 times and end by giving the lobe a gentle pull. You can even use oil for this.

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