Baby Care tips

Everyday Baby Care

Caring for a new baby might be overwhelming at first. Just keep these essentials in mind as you learn to meet her needs:
  • Give your baby sponge baths until her umbilical cord falls off.
  • Bathe her every two or three days unless she really needs or likes a daily bath.
  • Help to prevent diaper rashes by changing diapers often and soon after she has a wet or soiled diaper.
  • Wait to use a pacifier until your baby is breastfeeding well.
  • Expect your baby's stools to change within the first week from large, black, tarry meconium to green/yellow transitional stools to the more regular yellow bowel movements of an older baby.
  • Trim your baby's fingernails when needed with a baby nail clipper or a nail file, so that she doesn't scratch her face or eye.
  • Don't prepare baby formula using hot water from the tap. Instead, run the water for 15 to 30 seconds first; using cold water will reduce your baby's exposure to lead from tap water.
  • Be ready to cope with a crying baby for two or three hours a day, which is how long the average baby cries.

Natural Baby moisturizer

Baby's new skin does not need to be slathered in lotion and commercial moisturizer day after day. To moisturizer baby's skin, use olive oil or almond oil. A great time to moisturizer is after a warm bath when baby's pores are open and will readily absorb the oil. This is also a great time to give baby an infant massage with the chosen oil.

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