Sunflower- Health Benefits

Sunflower oil has been used as an ingredient in cosmetic products for years. One of its main benefits as a skin care solution is its ability to help the skin keep moisture. Millions of people either apply it directly on to their skin, or use cosmetic products that contain sunflower oil, to avoid excess dryness. Of the 3 types, only high oleic oil can be used effectively in cosmetic formulations that sit on store shelves.Sunflower kernels contain high levels of vitamin E, betaine, phenolic acids, and choline. In addition, the kernel is a good source of arginine and lignans. Each of these compounds, while perhaps unfamiliar to the layperson, has been studied by the scientific community and shown to offer a variety of health benefits.

Vitamin E (Tocopherols): May protect against cardiovascular disease.
Betaine: May protect against cardiovascular disease.
Phenolic acids (chlorogenic acid): Antioxidant and anti-carcinogen.
Choline: Plays a role in memory and cognitive function.
Arginine: Potential heart benefits.
Lignans: May protect against heart disease and some cancers; lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides

  • They are a very high source of Vitamin E, because of which they reduce the risk of conditions like high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. sunflower oil helps in neutralizing cancer causing free radicals
  • Sunflower kernels also contain certain chemicals known as phytochemicals. This chemical protects not only the plant, but also the people who eat the edible byproducts of the flower.
  • Phenolic acids, which are useful immune system boosters and anti-inflammatory agents, are present in high quantities in sunflower kernels. These acids are easy to absorb and have several anti-aging benefits too.
  • Sunflower kernels contain about 18 amino acids, of which Arginine is one. Arginine has properties that help in releasing hormones, boosting the body’s immune system as well as healing wounds.
  • Sunflower kernels are also high in Lingans, which are phytoestrogens that help the body combat diseases like breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.

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