Skin essentials available at your home

Just don't go for any products.Instead use only the natural products like

1. ALOE VERA for NATURAL GLOW nd SKIN TIGHTENING on your skin at night and wash in the morning(it dries off in sometime. just plant it in your garden or store some leaves in the freezer)

2. GARLIC for PIMPLES just rub 'em slowly on nd around pimples(pimples disappear and leaves NO SCARS)

3. Rub TOMATO on face for OPEN PORES(tomato is the BEST TONER and REVITALIZER)

4. Fresh ORANGE JUICE and some SALT for a lot of HEALTHY LOOKING SKIN.

For any skin problems have a lot of water or fresh orange, pineapple or cranberry juice for any skin problems. And did u know CRANBERRY JUICE is even a great drink for people suffering from OBESITY. SO ENJOY LIFE!!! BE HAPPY AND TAKE CARE.

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