Having baby is the most beautiful stage of our life. Everyone wants a healthy baby and want to take special care of the baby. Here are some tips that will help u in your Baby’s Care.

Planning a routine: The most important thing is having fun with your baby and caring practically for him. On top of this, there are obviously things that you want to do in the house for yourself and for your family. Take a long, hard look at what you want, and then think about how realistic these aims are and how you could make them into a routine.

Implementing a routine :Always get up at the same time and always wake your baby at the same time, regardless of whether you’ve had a good night’s sleep or not.

Bedtime routines:For many parents, the evenings are the only time in the week when the family is all together, so there are several issues to take into account when you’re deciding what’s going to be right for you.You want a bedtime routine because you need a bit of child-free time in your life however much you adore your baby and however much you love being with him. You need to decide on what time, roughly, you’d like to get your baby to bed. Think about what you’ve got to get finished before then, and then plan out a rough timetable that allows you to do everything in the time available.

Bath time routine: Your baby doesn’t need a bath every day until he’s moving around and getting mucky – topping and tailing will be sufficient most days. But many mothers find bath time a good routine to get into, because it's a way of drawing the day to a close. Your baby will quickly learn to associate bath time with winding down before bed.

Bath time tips: Always take bath time as a fun activity. Sing to your baby, splash him gently, and give him time to enjoy the unusual sensation of being unencumbered by his diaper and his clothing. Wash your baby’s hair with soap or a gentle shampoo, rinse it, and then brush it through with a soft brush, because this helps prevent or clear cradle cap.Never, ever leave your baby unattended in the bath. Don’t be tempted to use one of those inflatable bath-rests to support his head – they are absolutely not a substitute for your presence.When your baby is very small, have some around who can hand him into the bath to you and take him from you when to get out.

Being flexible: Try not to be too inflexible, especially when your baby is young. With a small child, you do have more opportunity to do something unexpected than you will in a few years’ time, such as, when he is tied into a nursery school timetable.Psychologists say people who are too routine-driven lack confidence in their ability to do things, and feel they lack the power to control their life. If you feel this applies to you, think about why you feel powerless – find someone to talk to about it.

Vacation Time: You might want to let your baby sleep for longer in the afternoon, such as, if you’re somewhere hot, and then let him stay up longer at night. In this way, you are still keeping a semblance of your routine, but without letting it interrupt your vacation.You may find he sleeps well enough in his carriage or stroller in the early evening for you to take him along when you go out for supper. If it takes your baby a while to adjust back into a bedtime routine when you’re home, you can always console yourself with happy memories and a browse through your vacation photos. It really was worth It for such a marvelous time!Your baby may find it difficult to keep the pattern of his routine when you’re on vacation especially if you are far from home and in a different climate. He may not be settling down to sleep as easily as he does at home, because he’s sleeping in an unfamiliar room. And then there are all those new things that he’s been seeing and doing. It’s not surprising if his routine is unsettled – so don’t expect too much of him.

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