Shimmer Beauty Tips

Tips to apply shimmer

Shimmer makeup gives very harsh look during the daytime, it's perfect for evening when you want a glowing, eye-catching look. Applying too much shimmer doesn't add beauty.

Here are some tips to use the shimmer for your makeup.

Add shimmer to your eye makeup by brushing a light shimmer shade over the center of your already made up eyelids.Slick on some mascara.

For night, slick on a shimmer eye liner in a deep or bright color. The contrast between the black and the shimmer will be noticeable.

Use a light hand when applying shimmer powder.

Too much powder will make you look glittery and artificially shiny.

A little shimmer on the highest point of cheekbone near eyes lends you an instant sexy look.

How you can do shimmer eye makeup

First of all cover your eyes with concealer.

Apply base color on the eye lid.

Apply orange color on the lid and blend it and then apply dark brown color on outer corner and on inner corner apply shimmering color golden and silver eye shade.

Apply highlighter on the upper lit bone.

Apply shimmer according to your own wish on inner and outer corner of eye.

Apply black pencil on lower part of eye.

Apply eye liner smoothly around the eye.

Then apply mascara first on upper lash and then on lower lash. Let it dry and then apply it again it will give dramatic look.

Shape your eyebrows with hard black and brown pencil.

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