Laddoo-Tips for getting perfect shape of laddoos

Laddoos are prepared for festivals or family functions of weddings and births. We made it or take it to the temple as a prasad. Most of the woman’s like to prepare laddoos at their home. But sometimes they faced the difficulties of not getting perfect shaped laddoos and while forming laddoos causing it to break.Perfect shaped laddoos looks good.

Here is the Methods to solve this problem...Apply it…
  • Add the sugar and other things etc and then take the full mixture and re heat in low setting for 1 minute or so until you see the dough coming together.
  • The heat helps the sugar to melt and give more body to the mixture thereby helping to bind.
  • Or heat few teaspoons of milk to warm.
  • Add drop by drop to the chickpeas flour mixture. That will help in forming laddoos.
  • Please keep in mind that you need to keep roasting the mixture until aroma starts wafting through the kitchen.
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