Aspirin Mask-Treatment for Pimples.

Some of you might suffer with the pimples problem..Here is one more best solution for pimples which is Aspirin..It contains Beta hydroxy acid great at helping unclog pores and clear blemishes.

Here are the steps..
1- Just take 6 – 8 uncoated aspirin tablets a bowl and crush them in to a powder.

2- Then add a few drops of warm/hot water,Honey or aloe vera gel. Mix them all until u will not found a thick paste.

3-Spread over your entire face about 10-15 minutes.

4-Wash off the mask with warm water and do a gently massage with soft hands, the grains will help exfoliate and show softer glowing skin.

5-Let your face dry.

It worked great. You should apply this mask for once in a week.

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