Some great tips to improve your concentration

In today’s life where most of us is struggling for the success .We all wants a smooth results in their each work but the result will come smooth it is not sure. The success for the work demands one thing which is – CONCENTRATION.
Now if you are reading my words, it means that you are concentrating on are concentrating on my words..this is called concentration. Don't worry too much about anything in life, this will affect bad on your concentration power.

Here are some tips which can help us to improve the concentration. It can also help us in improve concentration and mental focus:

Tips :
1). The first important is to set your goals by preparing a schedule. Students should keep up their study plan according to the syllabus and the time left. They should make a chart of the activities they should have and they should act according to that activity chart.

2). Make sure that the place where students can study is well cleaned, quiet and the comfortable. No voice should come in to that room.

3). Install a green light bulb in the study lamp at your desk. Red improves concentration and memory, while blue improves creativity.

4). Set a number of tasks per session you have to complete.

6). Be organized.

7). If you complete your task within a time, then offers incentives to yourself to complete tasks.

8).Take a regular breaks, even if it is just to stretch for five minutes. Go for walk or have something. It will improve your concentration.

9). Reward yourself once you have completed studying.

10). Spend some time in playing games or talking to your friends.

11). Add some more activities like playing or spend some time in you hobby to make your mind active but don’t spend too much time.

What should you eat or not for improving concentration.
1). Add some fish oil to your diet; either by eating more salmon or taking the capsules .it will help in improving the concentration.

2). Do not drink fruit juice coz it contained too much sugar. Drink only water, tea, coffee.

3). Stay away from carbonated sodas like Col-drinks.It can hurt your concentration.

4). Take multivitamins each day. Vitamin deficiency that could hurt your brain. Consult your doctor before taking it.

5). Sleep is must sleep in dark and quiet room to improve the concentration. You should take a nap for some time.

6). Start your day and end up your day with meditation only for five minutes in the morning and five minutes before bed, every day.

7). To increase your concentration, read a passage in a book you have never explored. Then try to recite it verbatim. Practice this for only 5 minutes a day and enjoy the results which follow after a few months of effort.

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