Tips to Protect yourself from the Summer heat

According to the Doctors,, some of the most common problems we face in such high temperatures( summers) include dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat cramp, skin diseases, heat (or sun) strokes and water-borne diseases like we should take special care of us specially in summers.

Here are the some tips to save yourself from summers.

1). Drink Plenty of Water: You should Drink Plenty of Water. Consuming more water in the summers is good for the entire body.

2). Take Vegetables and fruits: Enjoy yummy fruit shakes, take Cucumber, vegetables such as pomegranate, orange, cucumber, musk melon, pumpkin etc, slices of watermelon, bowl of lettuce greens, and other fresh sliced fruits.

3). Wear loose-fitting clothes: Always wear loose-fitting clothes in summers. Choose cotton clothes for summer’s . Wear light colour clothes. Dark colors absorb heat the most turning your body extremely heated. Wear light-colored, cottons clothes

4). Curd and milk: Eat milk, curd and butter milk it will help u feel fresh.

5). Wear sunglasses: It is advisable to always wear a good pair of sunglasses. You should wear black goggles.

6). Sunscreen Protection: It’s better to use sun block with high SPF to protect your skin from sun ultra violet rays.
7). Avoid these things: Ghee, dalda, oil, Sweet Maida (refined wheat flour) and rice.
8). Carry onion with you: Do always carry little onion with you in pocket to avoid lu. Use umbrella, goggle etc to save yourself from lu.

9). Use Sleepers: Use sleepers in summers..Don’t wear tight fittings shoes too.

10). Avoid going: Avoid going out between 1 pm and 4 pm.

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