Sugar Scrub for your Body

Body scrub is now becoming essential ....We all know that body scrub will help in softening our skin and gives your body a natural glow.scrubbing helps in circulations
Here am giving u the recipe to make it at home. It is so easy to make. You can try it yourself.

Method to Prepare:

1). First you take 2/3 cup light brown sugar.
2). Then take almond oil approx
1/2 cup.
3). Then take essential oil approx 5-10 drops.

Combine both the two oils in a bowl. Add the sugar and mix them. You can also store in a Jar.

Method to Use:
Massage this over your entire body in circular motions..... Dont use this on your face. After some time, wash it up.

In this way u can prepare sugar scrub for your body.

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