How To Get Flat Abs

Flat Abs
Many of us faced the problem of having fatty abs ….Follow these tips to avoid bloating and weight gain

1. Almonds It contain filling protein and fiber They're also a good source of magnesium. Better to take it.

2. Eggs : These are the great source of protein.Eggs contain vitamin B12 , a great supplement for breaking down fat cells.

3. Take fruits and vegetables. You can also take fruits and vegetables which will give you proper energy for the day and they are the least bloat-promoting foods because they contain plenty of water and Lesser carbs and calories.

4. Avoid high calorie foods: It's better to avoid high calorie foods like fast food, snack, Cakes, Ice-creams and coffees.

5. Focus on balanced eating. Try eating at least three to five veggies ,two to four fruit and about 1 cup whole grains per meal.

6. Eat enough calories. Take enough Calories.women's require at least 1,800 per day to lose weight, 2,000 to keep up and 2,400 or more if they're very active

7. Drink water. Drinking more water can help to flush sodium out of the body and that reduces the bloat

8. Beans: Re-fried beans contain tons of saturated fat But baked beans has better to take Re fried beans.

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