How to clean your rings.

How to clean your rings.

It is sometimes looks very ugly when you have some dust in your rings or your new purchased rings are looking old just because of the dust. So, I am giving you the best tip to clean it up at your home. You can try yourself.

1. Soak your ring in a warm solution of mild liquid detergent and water. You can try baking soda for cleaning. It will give good results.

2. Another option which you can try that you can buy Jewellery Cleaning Solutions from the Local Stores.

3. Window Cleaner is also the best way to clean it. Dilute this with warm water in equal part. Drop rings in to this solution for approx 15-20 mins then rinse it with warm water.

4. You can also wash your ring with the toothbrush and Cleaner. You should NOT use any kind of soap. It will leave a residue and dull stones quickly.

5. You can also try Vinegar ( ¼ Cup ) and water ( ¼ cup) and toothbrush which is soft not hard. Then rinse your ring in the hot water. It will also work best.

6. Before buying your diamond rings always check the stone by holding it up to your ear and slightly tapping it. A loose stone will produce a slight rattling sound. Don't go for the loose stone rings.

7. For cleaning your rings, Ultrasonic cleaner and steamer is the best. Always check the brand name before going to buy it. Don't buy any local products.

8. Give your ring an ammonia bath. Soak your ring in the solution of half ammonia and half water for about 20 minutes.

Don’t wash your rings in the bathrooms. Wash it in a safe place where there is no chance to loose your precious ring.

Storing of rings: When you don't want to wear your rings, then you must keep them in the jewellery box or in the jewellery case . It will keep your rings safe and will protect your rings from the scratch. Make sure that your jewellery case should have individual compartments with a soft lining.

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