Sugar scrub

Sugar scrub recipe is very gentle on your skin. You be freely used on sensitive skin. This recipe is helpful in removing dirt, excess oils and dead skin cells from the skin and balancing the natural oils..It is very Natural and very effective.You can make it at your are some Recipes Given.try it..

- Make a mixture by mixing ½ cup sugar with adequate amount of cold pressed olive oil, wheat germ, peanut, or sunflower oil.
- Use this mixture to gently massage your face and body.

Recipe #2
- Make a mixture by mixing 1 cup sugar + ½ cup olive oil + tablespoon lemon zest (grated).
- Use this mixture as a body and face scrub.

Recipe # 3
- Make another mixture by mixing 2 cups white sugar +1 cup honey + tablespoons tea + 5 drops of vanilla.
- Use this recipe twice a month to get soft, glowing skin.

Body Scrub Tips

Almond oil is a powerful skin softener. But you can substitute other oils if you prefer. Apricot oil and grape-seed oil are both good choices.
Choose an essential oil to enhance your mood:

Orange, lemon, or rosemary for a stimulating energy boost.
Lavender for relaxation... especially effective at bedtime.
Lemon grass for a refreshing lift.

Note: Do not use citrus oil (such as orange oil, lemon oil, or grapefruit oil) on skin within 12 hours of sun exposure. Citrus oil leaves the skin vulnerable to sunburn and discoloration.
If your skin is dry, use the sugar scrub once a week. For oily skin and problem areas, such as elbows and heels, apply the scrub 2-3 times per week.

Oat and Brown Sugar Scrub

2 Tbsp. ground oats
2 tsp. brown sugar
2 Tbsp. aloe vera
1 tsp. lemon juice

Mix all ingredients in a clean bowl until you have a smooth paste. Gently massage damp skin, and rinse off with warm water. You can triple the recipe for a fantastic smoothing body treatment.

Sugar Body Scrub
An body scrub will smooth and soften skin as it increases circulation. And this recipe is so easy to make!
2/3 cup light brown sugar, packed
1/2 cup almond oil
5-10 drops essential oil
Combine the almond oil and essential oil in a bowl. Add the sugar and mix thoroughly. Store in a clean, glass jar.
To use the sugar scrub, gently massage in circular motions over your entire body.Wash off in the shower or tub.

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