5 Ways to Make Your Lashes Look Longer

Long eyelashes are such a strong symbol of femininity that it's easy to feel like you got the short end of the stick if you weren't blessed with them. You can take comfort in the fact that many of the women you see in magazines and on TV weren't actually blessed with them either. The truth is that these days, there are a number of ways to transform short, stubby lashes into long and beautiful ones. Here are five ways you can get this look for yourself. 

1. Mascara 

While it may seem like an obvious choice, mascara is an effective way of making your lashes look longer. If you have tried mascara in the past and were underwhelmed by the results, read on. Today's mascaras do a much better job of making lashes look longer than past formulas. Check the labels for a mascara that is touted as "lengthening". Lengthening mascaras are a thinner consistency than the thickening variety, which enables you to apply several ayers which build on each other and add length without looking like a gloppy, Tammy Faye-inspired mess.

2. Lash Serum
A lash serum is a special mix of vitamins and other ingredients that are applied to the lashes using a mascara-type wand. The serum is used on bare lashes under makeup or before bed and helps nourish and condition lashes so they are able to grow longer and are less prone to fallout. Mavala Double Lash was one of the first products in this category but recently the market has been flooded with lash serum offerings, from the affordable Ardell BrowLash Accelerator to the high-end LiLash.

3. Lash Fibers
These tiny fibers are a great middle ground for anyone looking for longer lashes. They aren't as complicated to apply as false lashes but they offer more oomph than mascara. These fibers are applied to the ends of your lashes using a mascara wand on top of wet lash primer or mascara so they will stick. They extend the length of your lashes slightly. A top coat of mascara blends them in with your natural lashes and makes them look believable.

4. Lash Extensions
Hair extensions are en vogue at the moment, but many people don't know that the same principle can be applied to lashes. These tiny hairs are affixed to your natural lashes in a salon and last for several weeks. You can roll out of bed with amazing lashes and they can even stand up to showering and swimming. This is the most convincing way to get the look of longer lashes but also requires the most upkeep.

5. False Eyelashes
If you want a dramatic look for a special occasion, false eyelashes are theway to go. If you plan to apply them yourself, it is a good idea to have a practice run or two beforehand because it can take time to get the hang of it. Once you have tried it a few times, it really is easy. You can buy a full set of lashes or just a few individual lashes if you only need to lengthen the outer corners. Be sure to cover the lashes with mascara to hide the glue. If you don't have a steady hand, many salons and makeup counters will apply them for you.

Cindi Lewis writes for Glossy a skin care products and beauty products online retailer.

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