Easy Men's Hairstyle

Though not talked about much till recently, men’s hair is now attracting the lime light. Especially in the recent times, men have gained enough ‘looks’ consciousness, that they take care of their skin, hair and fitness just like any woman. This section of the article speaks about the various popular hair styles along with tips, advices and techniques related to men’s hair.

1) A military hair cut which is popular among men is the simplest to achieve and the easiest to maintain. You can just get your hair done in this style using a hair trimmer on the sides of the scalp. The hair on the top portion is cut to the desired length (usually short), and gradually merges with the length of the hair on the sides.
The proportions of length of hair on sides and top can be varied giving to give it a unique look according to your looks and preference. If you have a very lean neck, this style may not be your cup of tea! This style looks extremely elegant on few men and it actually helps men save their time in maintaining their hair style. It is typically suitable for men in equatorial, coastal and other hot and humid regions.

 2) Punk is another sought after choice by men for styling their hair. It usually involves shorter hair at the sides and back of the scalp and longer at the top. The length choice is of course yours. The longer hair at the top is gelled, groomed and shaped to give attractive and trendy appearances.
Coloring the hair in contrasts or just single colored appearances can enhance and highlight the punk. You can also sport a trendy beard to balance an entirely fashionable hair style. This kind of styling mostly is opted by younger men. Note that the attire you carry should be able to handle the load of this fashion type.


3) Formal style: Is often preferred and most suitable for all men of all age groups. It goes with all formal attires and semi casual outfits. This style though, does not involve any complicated make over or maintenance regimes, it can be just trimmed, groomed and decorated to give a unique and adorable look to your overall appearance. Gelling, applying faint shades of colors and posing a shoe cut side locks can help improve the looks. 


4) Messy hairstyle for men: Look at yourself in the mirror as soon as you get up from bed! This hairstyle is exactly what you are trying to replicate! But note that for this look and feel, hair length should be at least medium, so as to cover up your eyebrows, eyes and ears. But remember to keep the hair clean and fresh always.

 Men’s hair loss has become a serious issue especially in urban pockets. A major advantage of this hairstyle is that men who have baldness in certain areas of the scalp can cover it up. Wet feel of the hair and sporting stubble along with this hairstyle gives an attractive image. This hairstyle can also carry most varieties of corrective eye glasses and sunglasses. 

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