Interior Design Tips for your Home

 10 Interior Design Tips for Keeping  Your Home Clean

To ensure that your home is presented to guests as the idyllic, inviting home it was created to be, there are two important elements that must be maintained: style and cleanliness. One of these factors, however, doesn’t have to be sacrificed in order to achieve the other; in fact, the right decorating and design choices will make it enormously easier to keep your home clean and stylish. The following list contains interior design recommendations that will infuse and emphasize fantastic aesthetics while simultaneously helping to keep your home impeccably clean:

1. Stick to Modern Furniture
Modern furniture is typically designed with defined angles and is sleek in its appearance, making it very space-conscious and easy to clean. Modern furnishings are the polar opposite of their classic counterparts that were rounded, curved, and bulkier (which created crevices that notoriously collected dirt and dust).

2. Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors are striking; they compliment virtually any kind of décor. It’s also much easier to keep clean than traditional carpeting, which traps dust and worsens allergies. A light sweep and mop every few days is the most that is required to maintain most hardwood floors. With carpeting, a quality (and possibly high cost) vacuum cleaner is a must, and professional cleaning is still recommended at least 1-2 times a year. Hardwood floors save on time and money, while also elevating the look of a home.

3. Stain-Resistant Carpet
If you do insist on installing carpets rather than laminate or hardwood flooring, be sure to opt for stain-resistant carpeting. There are a number of quality brands that produce stain resistant carpeting in a variety of colors and styles, so it shouldn't be hard to find some that will fit in with your design plan. Best of all, accidental spills or muddy shoes won’t be a problem with this option.

4. Limit Decorative Clutter
A replica ficus, an imported statue, a designer lamp and other accessories can add depth and added attractiveness to a space. However, too many artistic accessories creates a series of dust magnets and dirt collectors, not to mention it overwhelms the feel of a space. Employ the “less is more” concept to create style while eliminating unnecessary clutter and dirt.

5. Use Decorative Shelving
The right number of shelves placed in the appropriate places will free up space on flat services in any part of the house. Decorative shelves also serve as an enhancer to the design of a space; they can be a platform on which to showcase important pieces like collector’s items and family heirlooms.

6. Non-Porous Countertops
Countertops and flat surfaces throughout the home can be a challenge to keep clean. All porous surfaces retain stains; a simple spill can result in a permanent, unflattering blemish to the surface. Non-porous surfaces such as granite eliminate this potential occurrence, while adding great style and detail to a room. With the many designs, colors and finishes available, this easy-to-clean surface type will aptly fit your maintenance needs and style preferences.

7. Stain-Resistant Furniture
The presence of stain-resistant materials like leather adds an upscale look to a space, and gleams finely in the light when it’s at its cleanest. Because it is resistant to stains, strenuous cleaning is not required, and no expensive machines or cleaning services are needed. Furniture that looks great and which is easy to clean is a definite win-win for the homeowner.

8. Strategically Position Decor
Create a strategy to position each item of furniture in a way that maximizes the available space and creates a stylish, cohesive look. Maximizing the space in the room allows for freer movement and gives the impression of a larger abode. Furthermore, the less unused space there is, the more successful you’ll be in avoiding excess dust and clutter.

9. Furniture with Built-in Storage
Loft beds, ottomans, and armoires are just a few of the furniture choices that add style to a room, along with instant storage space. They become an integral part of the overall look of the room while providing space to store items that would otherwise adversely affect the décor. Choosing wood or a stain-resistant material for this category will maximize the effect of both style and cleanliness.

10. Stain-Resistant Paint
Walls, beams and other supporting structures are just as important to the décor of a home as the furniture and accessories in the space. Using quality brand paint with stain-resistant properties will provide fresh, vibrant color that will only require minimal cleaning over the years.

Using one or a combination of the above mentioned tips can make the task of maintaining a stylish, clean home less of a challenge. Achieving this goal is the ultimate reward, and will bring out the interior designer in anyone who dares to try. Best of luck, and happy decorating!

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