Tips to Determine Caloric Need for Body

Guide to Determine the Appropriate Daily Caloric Need of Your Body

Balanced nutrition is always an essential requirement of every age, no matter what age we have, it is important to maintain our food chart with balance. With the changes in age, the requirement of our dietetic needs also transform.

Caloric needs consist on: activity level, body weight, rate of metabolism and age. Calories for the women must be around 1800-2400 however for men it must be around 2400-3000. Over aged people needs 1600 calories. In the case of any fracture, medical surgery or wounds the requirement of calories increases for therapeutic purpose.
 Body Mass Index (BMI) gives calculation for the calories that you exactly need. Generally you can find out BMI through many websites available on internet. BMI calculator is also available, that first inquires about your sex, weight and age then calculates caloric needs. Mayo Clinic also offers calorie calculator that is used for the adjustment of calories according to the activity level.

You can add these digits to your BMR in order to calculate accurate amount of protein that you need regularly. It will keep you fit and smart. If you desire to lose your weight then at least 250-500 calories must be lessen per day.

Calories that consist of carbohydrates, fats and protein must be taken with correct percentage, for example 40% of Carbohydrates 30% of proteins and 30% Fats are sufficient for the healthier body.

Take any number from the following list and then divide it by 4, it will calculate that how much carbohydrates your body exactly needs.

Carbohydrate foods contain:

Hoagie bun 73 gm

Bean burrito 63 gm

Rice, 1 cup 56 gm

Baked potato, large 51 gm

Cranapple drink, 8 oz 46 gm

Lowfat yogurt, 8 oz 42 gm

Pasta, 1 cup 40 gm

Bagel 38 gm

Raisin Bran cereal, 1 cup 38 gm

Corn, 1 cup 34 gm

Banana 26 gm

Pear 26 gm

Orange Juice, 8 oz 26 gm

Bread, 2 slices 26 gm

Pretzels, 1 oz 22 gm

Green Peas, 1 cup 20 gm

Apple 17 gm

For the calculation of protein, first multiply the calories with digit 3 and then divide by 4, it will show you how much calories should be taken per day.

Protein foods contain:

Chicken, cooked, 4 oz 35 gm

Hamburger, cooked, 4 oz 30 gm

Tuna, 3 oz 24 gm

Cottage Cheese, cup 14 gm

Yogurt, 8 oz 10 gm

Milk, 8 oz 8 gm

Egg, 1 7 gm

Split Peas, cup 7 gm

Cheese, 1 oz 7 gm

Spaghetti, 1 cup 5 gm

Peanut Butter, 1 tablespoon 4 gm

For the calculation of Fats, first multiply the calories with digit 3 and then divide by 9, it will show you how much calories should be taken per day.

Foods with Fats contain:

French Fries, large svg 21 gm

Potato Chips, 1 oz 10 gm

Ranch Dressing, 2 Tabl. 16 gm

Italian Dressing, 2 Tabl 14 gm

Vegetable Oil, 1 Tabl 13 gm

Mayonnaise, 1 Tabl 11 gm

Cream Cheese, 1 oz. 10 gm

Milk, whole, 8 oz 8 gm

Butter, Margarine, 1 Tabl 16 gm

Once you are habitual of following your diet chart you will obviously gain healthier body. But if are looking for a diet which can help you lowering the daily calorie intake while burning the extra calories already deposited into your body then you can go for nuratrim which claims to be the best diet to resolve almost all issues regarding over-weight nightmares and bulky physical stature.

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