Top 5 Skin Diseases and Treatment

Top 5 Skin Diseases and How to Treat them

One of the most common diseases people suffer from is skin diseases. This is mainly because it is probably the most exposed part of your body. Skin diseases can’t be ignored simply because it hits us at our very core and is very visible too. In a very physical world, be it in the confines of our homes, halls of our offices, or walls of our classrooms, skin diseases calls for action and immediate intervention.

While there are numerous types and kinds of skin diseases, here are the top 5 skin diseases and how to treat them.

1. Acne – is the most common skin disease brought to skin experts first for treatment then ultimately, for prevention of a comeback or worsened state. It is also called “pimples” in layman terms and these are most prevalent in one’s face, the upper part of the chest, and the back. Severe acne state is inflammatory but is also known to manifest in non-inflammatory form. Acne is also most common during adolescence though in some isolated cases, into adulthood.

2. Seborrheic Keratosis – this particular skin disease hits in various colors. It is known to grow quickly, really itch, and may even bleed. Unlike acne that hits during the “adolescent stage”, this one is prevalent to anyone as he/she matures or ages. Exact cause is not really established but common areas affected are face, neck and back or those normally exposed to the sun.

3. Dermatitis- also known as rashes with the most common called Eczema. Eczema appears as tiny white dots that at times shows up in seeming clusters and are very itchy. This disease is mainly in the outer layers of your skin common symptoms of this disease include redness of the skin as well as itching, swelling, and cracking.


4. Herpes – this is a viral skin disease marked by cold sores or blisters and known to affect the face and the mouth. It is a form of infection and is easily transmitted although the symptoms can differ from every individual. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed cure to herpes but there are possible treatments that can manage this skin disease to prevent it from getting worse and ultimately reduce its effects.


5. Hives – these are basically red itchy bumps manifesting allergic reaction to drugs, food or drinks. These allergic reactions can trigger swelling in your skin and end up as hives. There have been studies that claim stress and other infections as possible causes of this skin disease as well.


The Universal Treatment for these Skin Diseases
In all 5 top skin diseases, topping the quick fix is the use of specific anti-skin disease ointment or creams. These specific anti-skin disease ointments or creams should be used on a regular basis or as prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist. It is also best to treat any of the mentioned skin disease after you shower when your skin is moist and soft thus able to absorb skin treatment the most. Repeat ointment or cream use at least three times daily and once applied, leave it on for at least 3 minutes before putting on some covering.

Minus any skin ointment or anti-bacterial cream, fix your itch using a cold or warm rub on the affected area. Let the coolness of the damp cloth bring you instant comfort and take the itch away. Some skin diseases however, particularly hives, can go away without any treatment at all. It is a very common skin problem that seems to go away on its own.

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