Top Five Hottest Fashion Accessory Trends

Hottest Fashion Accessory Trends for Winters.

As the seasons change, so do the wardrobes of shoppers worldwide. During this season, many fashionistas are saying out with warm summer colors and fabrics and in with deep shades of winter and lush, warm material.

Some of the top fashion accessories have seen recent changes in texture, color, and fabrics that consumers adore.

Wristbands: Throughout breast cancer awareness month, stores see a rise in the amount of breast cancer paraphernalia being inventoried and purchased. Some of the most popular accessories that correlate with this period of time include the infamous "I Love Boobies" wristbands. Although breast cancer awareness month has passed, these wristbands set a trend for teenagers across the country that keeps multiplying. Now, wristbands with quirky sayings are available for purchase at a variety of mall kiosks and stores in various colors and sizes. There is no doubt that silicone wristbands have made their debut as one of the five hottest fashion accessory trends of the season.

Handbags: In regard to the season change, different color trends have emerged in handbags. Black, red, and teal tones have made their appearance on the runway and their popularity continues to resonate amongst the general consumer population.

In addition, classic clutches and modern shopper totes are also some of the fall's hottest accessory trends. Add a classic patent leather satchel, and you have a style that will awe onlookers throughout the entire season.

With the presence of cold, blustery weather on the rise across the country, many men and women are beginning to pull out their ultimate winter fashion accessory: scarves. 

Scarves : While scarves were initially introduced as a cold-weather tool, they have made their way into the fashion accessory category. A simply scoop neck long-sleeved tee with a flowing scarf is the ultimate winter look. Pair it with a pair of leather, knee-high boots to complete this look.

Gloves: Another look that is being brought out once more this season is the use of gloves to make a fashion statement. Varieties, such as fingerless and lacy, hardly seem practical, but they sure do make a fashion accessory that will cause heads to turn.

If you're searching for a more useful pair of gloves, simply opt for a smooth leather glove to create a modern look with a classic twist.


Hats: As temperatures continue to drop, the presence of hats in the fashion world continues to rise. A simple fedora paired with a modest cape appears sleek and put-together. For a more functional look, pair a simple knit cap with a pair of fuzzy snow boots and skinny jeans to bring out your youthful side.


As seasons continue to change, so will the top five hottest fashion trends. Be sure to relish these current trends while they last. Before you know it, swimsuits and cover-ups will begin to appear on the fashion runway. 

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