Hair problems and solutions for men

Your hairstyle can speak volumes about your grooming and your overall health. Most men take their hair for granted and do not do anything about them until they are completely gone and there is no way you can retrieve them. From time immemorial, many myths have been doing the rounds about men’s hair. Check out these interesting myths about men’s hair and their truth.

1. A hair cut can make you hair grow faster
Most men believe that cutting hair frequently can help it grow faster. The fact is however far from the myth. As a hair shaft does not have nerves, cutting your hair does not have any major impact on its growth. Hair is essentially protein and in order that it grows lusciously, a proper diet, healthy sleeping and basic nourishment with minerals and vitamins is all you need for optimal growth.

2. Split ends can be treated

The only treatment for a split end is to trim the ends that are damaged. Split ends appear when the hair shaft is damaged due to dryness caused by sun exposure, chemicals, chlorinated pools, rough handling of hair like tugging and combing tangled hair and also when combing your hair while it is wet. Trim the split ends, protect your hair from sun and chemicals and shampoo, and condition them regularly as well.

3. Hair can be trained to grow in various patterns
Unfortunately, hair grows in an established pattern and this is permanent. While you can blow dry your hair to change this pattern, this is only a temporary solution. Hair anomalies can be concealed with the help of a good stylist who can highlight your good features and conceal the bad ones.

4. Specialized shampoos can make your hair grow faster
This is not true, as most people will have hair growth of about half an inch a month. No significant growth can be attained with any product. To attain the best shaft growth, take a balanced diet with adequate minerals and vitamins and leave you hair clean and well conditioned.

5. Dandruff can spread to others 
This is one of the commonest myths that we all believe in. Dandruff is caused due to a variety of factors like yeast sensitivity, deficiencies in diet, seborrhea dermatitis, stress etc. Fungal infection caused by malassezia can also cause flare-ups in some people. The cause of dandruff must be diagnosed and treated adequately and it definitely does not spread to others.

6. Baldness is inherited form the mother’s side Though baldness is hereditary, not just the mother’s genes are to be blamed as widely believed. It can be caused due to a combination of genes and hormones that can be inherited from either or both parents.

7. Tight hats cause hair loss Most men still believe in this myth. The truth is that tight hats can damage hair, but never make you bald. For becoming bald with tight hats, you will have to wear it for years continuously so that the hair follicles are killed.

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