Organic Hair Care Products

When going to the store to buy hair care products we tend to buy them based on their
advertisements, smells, and packaging designs. In example, we buy the best smelling shampoo
and conditioner, or the best brand name items. We also buy the hair dye that we see in
commercials on television or hair styling products based on their packaging. However, we
should be paying more attention to what ingredients are used to make these products
and the harm that these products tend to cause not only our hair, but even our health. This is why organic hair care products need to be recognized and used more often.

Hair Dye:
Most non-organic hair dye contains ammonia, which smells awful and causes burning and
itching of the scalp. It also contains resorcinol which can cause the skin to peel, but it also
contains lead! Lead is known to be a potent neurotoxin that builds up within the soft tissue and
bone. Resorcinol is also a suspected carcinogen which is a chemical that causes cancer.

So as you can see, non-organic hair dye is quite bad for you, however, organic hair dye doesn’t
contain any of these ingredients. Aubrey Organics brand hair dye is 100% natural. It contains
no harmful synthetic chemicals, nor does it contain ammonia or resorcinol. It is Vegan safe
and its herbal formula contains no phenylenediamine, no coal tars, and no synthetic colors,
preservatives or fragrances.

Shampoo & Conditioner:
When washing your hair with shampoo you are expecting to wash out the excess oil, moisture,
and dirt because those are the duties of shampoo. However, non-organic shampoo strips the
hair of its natural moisture due to its harsh and potentially harmful chemicals.

On the other hand, organic shampoos contain nutrient-rich botanicals that infuse and nourish
the hair with moisturizing oils and vitamins that leave the hair soft and healthy, not only by
touch and appearance, but on the inside as well. Some brands of organic shampoo are Rahua
Voluminous shampoo and Rahua original shampoo by Amazon Beauty and Calendula shampoo
& body wash by Weleda.

Following the use of non-organic shampoo is non-organic conditioner that probably smells good, but isn’t very helpful to your hair. Everyone uses conditioner to moisturize their hair so that it is soft and looks clean and healthy. Unfortunately, most conditioners tend to only make your hair look and feel that way for a short time. Once that short amount of time is up, your hair starts to look very dirty and oil filled.

Organic conditioner deeply penetrates and infuses the hair with rich moisture. It also helps the
hair and scalp with nutrient-rich botanicals. Rahua Voluminous conditioner & Rahua normal
conditioner by Amazon Beauty are also some recommended organic conditioners. Also, if you
like leave-in conditioner, there is the “Feed Your Ends” leave-in conditioner by Yarok that is
recommended as well.

When it comes to styling your hair the first thing that comes to mind is all of the styling products you are going to need to use for your hair to stay the way you would like it to. I have heard of a few organic styling products that are great for your hair and are not harmful to your hair, scalp or health. One of them is the Rahua finishing treatment by Amazon Beauty. It is a styling product that prevents your hair splitting during styling, blow-drying, and flat ironing. There is also the Organic Volumizing Spray by Intelligent Nutrients and Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel by John Masters Organics.

So, next time you are in the store buying shampoo and conditioner, or even styling products, try to remember how harmful non-organic hair products can be to your body.

Amanda Davis is a medical writer comparing different nursing masters programs online.

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