Safe Driving Tips for You

Being a prepared driver is important for anyone who drives anywhere at any time. The unexpected can happen at any time, without any warning. Instituting the proper actions ahead of time can help you to reduce the stress of being caught in an adverse situation when traveling to any destination.

Roadside Emergency Kit
It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a roadside emergency kit in your car at all times. A basic kit will have, at a minimum, an inflated and operable spare tire, road flares, jumper cables, and a first aid kit. Other items that you should consider are emergency cones, window shades, basic auto tools, coolant, a quart or two of oil, a flashlight with spare batteries, and a pocketknife.
Personal Emergency Kit
Preparing a kit for yourself and your passengers can make a difference if you are stranded or stuck in severe traffic unexpectedly. A personal emergency kit should include a couple bottles of water, non perishable food, blankets, hand sanitizer, and extra medications if you take them on a regular basis. Other items to consider, if you have room, are things to keep you occupied while you wait, paper towels, duct tape, an umbrella, and an extra pair of walking shoes. Having a few of your needs available can help you to be more comfortable until such time as you are able to get back on track in your travels.

Weather Conditions Your preparedness will also need to be tailored to where you live or where you are traveling to. If you are traveling in an area where it is cold and potentially icy, plan accordingly by packing in an ice scraper, kitty litter (in case you slide off the road in the snow), a small snow shovel, and extra blankets. If you are traveling somewhere that can be very warm, make sure that you pack in extra coolant. Research where it is that you are traveling and what is suggested to pack along.

Car Insurance Having the appropriate auto insurance coverage is important for any driver. The insurance that you have should cover you and your passengers for any potential insurance need. An important aspect to consider is if your insurance company provides 24 hour roadside assistance. This is something that is not used on a regular basis, however when you need it, you need it right away. Having the coverage through your insurance company makes using this service very easy and relieves the stress in an adverse situation.

Educate Yourself Learning what to do in an adverse situation is important to driving. The last thing you want to have happen is to be stuck somewhere and not know what to do. One of the most important things that you can do is to learn how to change your tire. It may sound simple, however until you do it once, it may be something that you cannot accomplish. Practice at least once in your driveway so that you know how to access the spare and the jack, how to jack up the car, remove the flat, replace the flat with the spare, and lower the car back down.

Being prepared does not mean having everything under the sun in your trunk. Keep in mind where you are traveling and make sure that you have your basic needs covered. Remember that an emergency situation is not ever planned, so always being prepared will help you through the situation should it occur.

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