Beauty of Your Nails

Nails are the mirror of our personality. It is also important part of our body. our hands looks more beautiful if we have beautiful nails too.

For healthy nails, your diet should include a lot of fruits and raw vegetables so that they get the required vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Eat food that is rich in silicon like broccoli, fish and onions. Eat foods rich in biotins like whole grains. Drink plenty of water and other fruit juices.

Mostly smokers have yellow nails. If you want to keep your nails clean and white, just soak them in warm water for three minutes. Then put two Alka-Seltzers in the mix and soak until it stops fizzing!

Also you can clean yellow nails with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Another variant is to use the mixture of glycerin with hydrogen peroxide (proportion 1:5). To get the better effect try to make the mixture of glycerin, perhydrol and distilled water (proportion 1:1,5:4).

If you are not satisfied with result, try mechanic way of whitening. Soak the nails to help them soften in the warm bath with soap and salt water for 10 minutes. And then pumice upper yellow layer of nails.

Keep a little dish of oil (sweet almond is best but any oil will do) next to your bed and before going to bed, gently rub a little of the oil into your fingernails every night and see how strong and shiny they get.

3 times a week soak nails in a cup of milk for 10 minutes. 5 minutes on each hand and watch nails grow fast and their strong as ever!

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