Body Odor

Body odor, often abbreviated as B.O., or bromhidrosis (also called osmidrosis and ozochrotia and known alternatively as Apocrine bromhidrosis, Bromidrosis, Fetid sweat, Body smell, Malodorous sweating, and Osmidrosis) is the smell of bacteria growing on the body
Body odor is largely influenced by major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules. These are genetically determined and play an important role in immunity of the organism. The vomeronasal organ contains cells sensitive to MHC molecules in a genotype-specific way. Experiments on animals and volunteers have shown that potential sexual partners tend to be perceived more attractive if their MHC composition is substantially different. This behavior pattern promotes variability of the immune system of individuals in the population, thus making the population more robust against new diseases.
Body odour is an embarrassment which many face from time to time. It can get you an awkward moment and can be a total turn off whether you are on a date or at a job interview.

Broadly, there are three completely different kinds of problem that are responsible for bad body odour

1. Hygiene problem; not cleaning up properly, not having proper bath or using clean clothes. Ask the pharmicist for advice on soaps and cleansers and deodorants. But be warned; an excess of chemicals can make things worse, not better. Take advice and follow it.

2. Skin problem; if you have a bit of eczema or psoriasis or allergy problems, it is possible that a skin infection, probably fungal, is contributing to the problem. You need to know, and if that's the case, it is treatable, though not always easily.

3. There are some uncommon genetic conditions that are associated with odour. They are uncommon, and there are methods of dealing with the problem. Again, consult your doctor.

What causes body odour?

There are various causes of body odour. Some are controllable and others are involuntary. These causes are:
  • Medical conditions (such as kidney and liver disease, fungal infections, low blood sugar, diabetes)
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Tobacco use (of the smoking and chewing variety)
  • Dental problems
  • Dental decay
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Poor hygiene
  • Heavy physical activities and sports
  • Toxins (in the home, diet or environment)
  • Stress
  • Hormones (especially during menopause)
  • Medication (certain types of medicines will cause an odour to be released through the body)
Home Remedy For Body Odor
  • To prevent body odor, drink a glass of water in the morning, on an empty stomach, along with 500 mg wheat grass. The chlorophyll present in the grass will help in reducing body odor.
  • You can also apply baking soda to your armpits as well as to your feet, to reduce body odor.
  • While bathing, add alcohol or white vinegar to a mug of water and use it to rinse the armpits. This will definitely help in lessening the body odor.
  • One of the simple home remedies for body odor is to put a few drops of rose water in the bathtub, before taking bath. It will give you a long lasting freshness and serve as a good substitute for deodorant.
  • To reduce the pH of the skin and eliminate armpit odor, one can use apple cider vinegar instead of deodorant. Put it in a mug of water and use it to rinse the armpits, while bathing.
  • Take showers, at least thrice in a day, in the summer season, when one tends to sweat a lot.
  • Prepare a homemade deodorant with the juice of about two dozen radishes and 1/4 teaspoon glycerin. Mix the liquids well and pour into a spray-top bottle. Spray this in the armpits to fight body odor. Remember to store it in fridge.
  • During summers, you can apply the baby powder or talc to your armpits, in place of deodorants.
  • Pour some white vinegar on a cotton ball and wipe your underarms with the cotton. While the vinegar smell would fade in some time, you would remain smell-free for the rest of the day.
  • Mix two drops of the tea tree oil (essential oil) and one ounce of water. Pour this in a spray-top bottle and use as a deodorant. Since tea tree is an antibacterial herb, it would act favorably in preventing body odor.
  • Mix 10 drops of the essential oil in 30 ml water. Apply this mixture on the armpits to reduce body odor.
  • Turnip juice is also effective in removing body odor. Grate a turnip and squeeze the grated pieces to extract the juice. Apply this juice on your underarms.
Foods that help deal with bad body odour
  • A balance diet is a must. Ideally it should be the one, which has about 20% protein i.e., fish, poultry, or combinations of pulses and grains, 20% oils and fats and balance from vegetables, fruit, pulses and grains.
  • Include turnip or its juice in your diet.
  • Red radish juice can be included in the diet. You can also apply it under the arm after the morning shower. Also apply it on your feet and in between the toes. Radish juice helps keep body odour at bay.
  • Drinking plenty of water will also ensure that you smell fresh and sweet.
  • Eating a tablespoon of aniseed is other way of smelling fresh and sweet.

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