How to deal with Office Politic

Politics is a reality you cannot avoid. There is a lot of office politics everywhere. Sometimes it is less or sometimes it is more. Some work places have a higher degree of office politics than others. It’s more common than you might think. A bit of conflict might be healthy and keep people on their toes but too much office politics leads to stress, poor job performance, and dissatisfaction with the work environment which then leads to high turnover rates.

Some important tricks that will help you to deal with office politics:

1. Stay positive: Try to stay positive and calm when u deal with office politics.

2. Communicate well: Try to Communicate well when u had a conflict.It will solve out the problem.

3. Identify your options:Identify for the option to resolve a conflict..You can better take an advice from your friend.

4. Don't make it personal: These are the part of the part of life so don't take it personal.

6. Develop a positive track record:Developing a positive track record can help the most

7. Work hard: Work hard and make your efforts known.

8. Maintain good relationship with your boss: You should always try to keep up a good relationship with your boss.Try to talk with him/her.

9. Keep your eyes and ears open: Never Believe what others are saying.if you have the problem with anyone,then freely go and talk to that person directly.

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