Tips to Stay Slim While Working on Computers.

                                 4 Tips To Stay Slim While Working From Your Computer

It is so easy to gain weight when you're sitting in front of a computer all day. Why? Because you're not moving much, giving your body no chance to burn off the calories from the food you eat. However, it is possible to stay slim and fit when you're working from a computer, whether you're working from home or at an office.

Take Regular Breaks
Hours of staring at a computer screen can cause your eyes to blur. Long hours of sitting also cause your neck, shoulders and back to ache. When you're working, it is best that you take small breaks between tasks. At home, when you have a little more freedom of time, you should take up to fifteen minutes to stretch, walk around the house and perform minute chores. If you work at an office, though, where the break times are more rigid, you can take a few minutes to stand out of your seat, walk around your office and stretch your neck and legs.

Walk Lots
Walking is a vital part of exercise. It stimulates blood flow, clears the mind and tightens muscles. Instead of driving to work, you can walk to work. That is, if you live within walking distance. If your commute is too long of a walk, take time after work to walk.

Engage in Other Forms of Exercise
Walking is good, but there are other exercise activities that you can engage in as well. If you have a bike, you could either ride it to work or for casual exercise. You could also jog if that is something you enjoy doing. There are indoor exercise activities that you can engage in when the weather is too miserable to walk, jog or cycle.

Skip rope, hool-a-hoops and exercise balls are excellent exercise tools for the body. Not only do they enable you to keep your body trim, they help build your body's muscle and tissue and they allow your body to expel the toxins through perspiration.

Maintain A Healthy Diet
Exercise is an excellent way to keep your body trim and healthy. However, it should be complimented with a healthy diet. It is essential that you have at least one full meal a day plus two to three small meals. Your main meal should be near the middle of the day. That way, you will still have enough time and energy afterwards to work off the calories from that meal. The additional two or three meals should be no bigger than snacks. It will be hard to eat a full meal when you work at an office. In that case, you can eat your main meal in the early evening when your shift is over.

It is important when you eat that you maintain balance. You can supplement fiber with meat and/or poultry. Do not over indulge in foods that are high in fat or foods that contain a lot of sugar. Too much of these types of food generates heart disease, diabetes and causes obesity. When you are shopping, check every item for fat and sugar content.
If you abide by these four tips, you will maintain a healthy, slim body.

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